Health and safety of health medicine packaging

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Health and safety of health medicine packaging

with the popularity of nutritional supplements and health food consumption, as well as the trend of consumers buying drugs by themselves, in recent years, the pharmaceutical and health product industry has not only doctors and other professionals. Take Germany as an example. At present, 30% of drugs and health care products are purchased directly through the sales counter

according to a survey report, about 80% of the world's pharmaceutical, nutritional and health product manufacturers are optimistic about the counter direct selling market and believe that there is great development potential. This also just verifies the effect that the butter should be evenly applied on the back of the measurement when measuring nutritional and health products and proprietary medicines, and the middle air should be pressed out when tightly coupled with the platform

today; Many nutritional supplements, health products and pharmaceutical enterprises urgently need to find ways to respond. On the one hand, they need to develop different types of health food, nutritional supplements and drugs to enable consumers to buy unprecedented new types of products; On the other hand, we should pay more attention to the design of packaging dosage form, specification and size

white packaging and multi-color printing can better set off the brand

putting dry nutritional supplements, health food and drugs into a large transport box and then transporting them to all places is the most common packaging method at present. At present, the packaging plants of nutritional supplements, health food and drugs equipped with printing technology mostly use white foldable box board and non printed reel label paper as packaging materials to improve the flexibility of packaging. In addition, multicolor printing and splashing coating on packaging boxes are showing a development trend, which helps to improve consumers' understanding of nutritional supplements, health food and pharmaceutical ingredients, and strengthen consumers' recognition of product brands

mechanized packaging technology has emerged in large numbers

at present, many packaging machines have built-in printing technology, and the emergence of digital printing has pushed packaging printing to a peak. Since the emergence of the mechanical arm in the packaging industry 15 years ago, there have been few nutritional supplements, health food enterprises and pharmaceutical manufacturers using this technology for packaging production, and the food and candy industry has always been a regular customer using mechanized packaging technology

however, with the rapid development of packaging technology, packaging machinery for nutritional supplements, health food production and pharmaceutical products has also been innovated. For example, in the past, mechanical technology was only used for pill packaging. Today, packaging machinery has developed to compile complex packaging procedures for nutritional supplements, health food and drugs at the same time. For example, the packaging machinery of a German machinery manufacturer can compile the packaging of 9 products 30 times per minute, and meet the safety standards to ensure the product quality

the most obvious advantage of mechanized packaging of nutritional supplements, health food and drugs is that it reduces the opportunity for counterfeit products to imitate the packaging of original products, and can print more product instructions more clearly, so that consumers can clearly choose and take products

packaging safety has become the primary focus of attention

the packaging safety of nutritional supplements, health food and drugs is the primary concern at present, such as how to reduce accidents caused by children's accurate or misuse. Because the packaging of such products is similar to that of many sweets, especially large and wide noodles, some countries have passed legislation to control the nutritional supplements, health food and drugs in blisters or packaging

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