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Chengde will be built into the largest green data center around Beijing

at the intersection of Luanhe River and Laoniu River, Chengde County, Chengde City, Hebei Province, three light yellow buildings stand under the blue sky, with distinctive appearance and height. This is the three buildings in block a of phase I. The main body of No. 1 experience center is under construction. The machine room buildings of No. 2 and No. 3 Internet Data Center (IDC) have been completed, and the internal and external decoration is under way. 15000 cabinets have been installed. Jing Xuebao, the project leader of operation and commissioning, will start at the end of the year

this is the project site of Deming big data Industrial Park in Chengde County. Although there is thick snow on the roadside, the builders are in full swing. Soon, it will be a big data town integrating data storage, data cleaning, data trading and data application

unique advantages attract the industrial park to land

the project of Deming big data Industrial Park in Chengde County is invested by Beijing Supply and marketing big data group. It is planned to invest 10billion yuan and cover an area of 1000 mu to build the largest green data center around Beijing. Jing Xuebao said ① llicutt formula: the project is planned to be constructed in three phases: in the first phase, 20000 cabinets, 400000 servers, IDC data center, exhibition area, etc. will be constructed; Phase II mainly provides supporting facilities for the big data center, mainly including big data scientific research and development, product application, talent education and training, etc; Phase III focuses on the planning and construction of high-end software innovation, development, testing and industrial incubation bases in the big data industry

the project is located in Chengde because Chengde County has unique advantages in developing big data industry. First, the transportation is convenient. It is close to Beijing. The industrial park is located at the exit of Chengde County of Chengde Qinhuangdao expressway; Second, the climate is good, and the annual average temperature is 10 ℃, which can meet the class a requirements for the temperature in the data center and machine room during startup and shutdown; Third, abundant water resources and electricity; Fourth, the geological structure is stable

fengdongwei, director of Chengde County Bureau of industry and information technology, said: as one of the core areas in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei big data corridor, our county, relying on its own advantages, takes the big data industry as a key area in the coordinated development of Beijing and Tianjin, and accelerates the development of the big data core industry, related industries and derivative industries. In order to ensure the progress of the project, the county government provides nanny service and one-stop service, and opens a green channel for rapid approval. After the construction, a special project guarantee service team was set up to go to the site every week to understand the situation, find and solve problems in time. The project was officially started on March 22 this year, and the first phase of the project was completed in June, realizing the big data speed of signing the contract, starting the project in the same year, and PLGA as a random copolymer took effect in the same year, making it a blockbuster in the industry

invest 20billion yuan to build a big data town

while building Deming big data Industrial Park, Chengde County and Beijing Supply and marketing big data group also communicated and decided to build a big data town integrating data storage, data cleaning, data trading and data application, including incubation and entrepreneurship area, cultural and creative area, education and training area Supporting service areas, financial bases and service outsourcing bases, etc

at present, the big data town has begun to take shape. Upon completion, it will accelerate the steady progress of Chengde's big data industry towards agglomeration, intensification and clustering

Chengde big data town has been listed in the first batch of Characteristic Towns in Hebei Province for its uniqueness. Chengde County Magistrate Liu completed the tensile, peeling, tearing, tightening and other mechanical property experiments of the samples. Zhiqi said that Chengde County will spare no effort to promote the construction of big data characteristic towns, and strive to build the big data characteristic towns into a spatial development platform with distinctive features, strong cultural atmosphere, beautiful ecological environment, integration of multiple functions, and flexible systems and mechanisms within 35 years, and serve as a pacesetter in the creation of Characteristic Towns in the province

the national document strategic reserve is settled in the cultural and creative area of big data town. The national document strategic reserve project has been settled. The National Library and Chengde County signed relevant agreements in May this year. The national document strategic reserve project is one of the key cultural projects in the 13th five year plan of China. It covers an area of 152 mu, with a total building scale of 60890 square meters and a total investment of 978.77 million yuan. It mainly builds a storage area, business processing area, supporting rooms, cultural exhibition area, etc., so that the reserve has the functions of document storage, digital processing, paper text protection and restoration

after the implementation of the project, the national library will take the opportunity of building the national document strategic reserve to actively support the construction of Chengde County's public cultural service system, and comprehensively improve the public cultural service capacity through document allocation, promoting the implementation of the digital library promotion project, exhibitions and lectures, cultural resource sharing, business training, talent exchange and other forms; It can undertake international and domestic cultural exchanges and extend the upstream and downstream industrial chains of exhibition economy

promoting transformation and upgrading to create employment opportunities

the big data industry has promoted the transformation and upgrading of other industries in Chengde County. Qijianwen, Secretary of Chengde County Party committee, said: relying on its regional advantages, Chengde County has seized the historical opportunity of Beijing Tianjin industrial transfer, vigorously developed information construction, e-commerce and other high-tech service industries, promoted the emergence of new service models, and promoted the comprehensive and healthy development of the industry

located in the big data Town, Zhongke Jingbei Chengde service outsourcing Co., Ltd. has an office area of more than 10000 square meters. The 2000 seat call center has been put into use, attracting well-known enterprises such as elong, mobile IPTV, meituan, Hainan Airlines, LG, LETV, Huaxia insurance, etc

zhuguimin from Xiaban town is an employee of the company. After several months of training, she officially took up her post in November last year. There are 5 people in the family. In the past, they all depended on their husbands to work outside to make a living, and their lives were very tight. Now, I have found a job at home. Not only has my income increased, but my family has also moved to the county, and my children have also gone to urban schools

Shi Peisheng, the person in charge of the company, said: the service outsourcing industry has an obvious driving effect on employment. Every additional call seat can directly provide 2.5 jobs. The employees recruited are mainly college and technical secondary school students with a certain computer foundation and knowledge level, rural school-age youth and other people. Now there are 1000 people working here, and the vast majority are local people

next year, Chengde County will build a service outsourcing industrial park with an area of 200 mu, 30000 seats and 100000 jobs in the West District of the county, and build a national e-commerce talent training and entrepreneurship incubation base. It is expected that by 2020, the annual output value will be more than 2billion yuan. At the same time, it can also attract interested talents to engage in relevant industries around the Service Outsourcing Industrial Park, which can indirectly drive more than 20000 people to choose their own jobs and start their own businesses

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