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On the 17th, Chengdu Environmental Protection Bureau announced the second batch of 55 enterprises with major pollution sources exceeding the standard. Among them, 10 enterprises have been closed or temporarily stopped production, and 6 enterprises will be closed or reported to the municipal government for banning. In this "blacklist", Chengdu Thermal Power Plant (including Huaneng thermal power plant) ranks first

it can be seen that these major polluters are mainly located in Qingbaijiang, Pengzhou, Pixian, Dujiangyan, Xindu and other places. Like the first "blacklist", sewage discharge enterprises are concentrated in papermaking, printing and dyeing and other industries. They are required to complete the rectification within the year. Among them, Guoning biochemical products factory of high tech Zone, which pollutes Fuhe River, and Chengdu Ruifeng garment factory, which pollutes Qingshui River, are to be closed

among the 55 large polluters, Chengdu Thermal Power Plant (including Huaneng thermal power plant) located in Tiaodeng River ranks first. According to the requirements, the plant was required to complete the treatment before December 31st, 2004. If it fails to meet the standard within the time limit, it may be ordered to shut down. In addition, the well-known enterprises listed in the "black name may cause damage to the parts to be tested by misoperation of the experimental machine" also include China Resources Lanjian (Chengdu) Beer Co., Ltd., located in the south section of Baoguang Avenue, Xindu

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