Masteel ironmaking plant strives to build a green

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Masteel iron making plant strives to build a "green and smart factory"

chinabao opens up and innovates the belt roaster pellet project of Wuhan Masteel iron making plant, focuses on cutting-edge technology, strives to build a "green factory" and "smart factory" of Masteel, and adds stamina and vitality to realize a large and strong new Masteel and create a new situation of high-quality development

there are three shaft furnaces in Masteel iron making plant, which were completed and put into operation in 2001 and 2004 respectively. The total annual pellet production capacity is 2.7 million tons. At present, restricted by this capacity, pellet 2 It is the power source of metal material tension machine (the output of electromechanical ore is difficult to meet the demand of stable blast furnace burden structure; the three shaft furnaces' equipment and facilities are aging, and the emission indicators of particulate matter, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides barely meet the ultra-low emission requirements of the Ministry of ecological environment. It is decided to eliminate the existing shaft furnace production line of the general iron making plant and build a new belt roaster production line with an annual pellet output of 4million tons. The planned construction period of the project is 17 months, and it is planned to be completed on November 30, 2021.

Since the reorganization of China Baowu and Masteel group last year, Masteel has made every effort to seize new opportunities in the new development orientation and strive to increase its innovative advantages in the new challenges. The belt roaster pellet project is a good epitome and witness. The project has focused on cutting-edge science and technology since it was decided to be built. Focusing on the goal of "advanced design, advanced technology, advanced equipment, fully automated operation and green environmental protection", the project actively implements the general requirements of China Baowu for green development and intelligent manufacturing, follows the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development strategy, and focuses on low-carbon economy, energy conservation, new material market cultivation, emission reduction, cleaner production and efficient utilization of resources, A pellet belt roaster production line characterized by low consumption, low emission and high efficiency has been built by adopting the latest technical achievements of international pellet production and advanced construction and management methods. Carry out various works and promote the project construction in accordance with the "Four Unifications" (i.e. centralized on-site control rooms, robots for all operating posts, remote operation and maintenance monitoring, and online service links) smart manufacturing work objectives and the "three treatments and four modernizations" (i.e. ultra-low emission of waste gas, zero emission of waste water, non delivery of solid waste and cleaning, greening, beautification, and Culture) environmental protection work objectives

after the project is completed and put into operation, it will not only become a high-quality production line and model production line to comprehensively improve the environmental performance of Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., build a "green city steel plant", and realize unmanned on-site operation, intelligent process control, information-based management business, and remote equipment operation and maintenance, but also create a new situation in pellet production, and the quality of pellet minerals has jumped to a new level

at present, the project has entered the civil construction stage

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