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Astrid's leading paint solutions promote the development of China's machinery and equipment industry towards environmental protection, energy conservation and efficiency

Astrid's leading paint solutions promote the development of China's machinery and equipment industry towards environmental protection, energy conservation and efficiency

july 13, 2020

with more than 150 years of innovation in the field of industrial paint, Astrid has provided Manufacturers of agriculture, construction and earth moving machinery and equipment (ACE) have developed a series of environmentally friendly high-performance coating solutions composed of liquid and powder coatings. At the same time, aishide is committed to continuously providing value-added services in the application process, helping customers reduce process steps, reduce energy consumption and reduce material waste, so as to improve overall productivity and meet ace manufacturers' all-round needs for corrosion protection, elasticity, durability, beauty and environmental protection

driven by the national policy and the sustainable development demand of the industry, "but" [shoemaking] customers find us, China's construction machinery and agricultural machinery industries are developing coatings towards the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection. The national "13th five year plan" for the prevention and control of volatile organic compounds pollution requires that the replacement proportion of environmental protection solutions in the construction machinery industry should reach more than 30%, and the VOC removal rate should reach more than 50%. At the same time, the supply of waste plastic particles from excavators and loaders has been in short supply, and heavy machinery has also shown a recovery trend since March this year. Taking excavators as an example, according to the data of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, in 2020, the total sales of various types of excavators by China's 25 main engine manufacturing enterprises included in the statistics increased by 19.4% year-on-year* It can be said that China's environmental protection solutions for painting have great application and development space

(* data source:)

Zhou Yuan

director of industrial coatings business in China of aiside

we hope that by introducing ace environmental protection and high-performance coating solutions that are leading the industry into the Chinese market, we can seize the opportunity of growth and upgrading of the Chinese ace market, help ace manufacturers meet environmental protection standards, and create finishes that can meet the strict requirements of high performance such as corrosion prevention, gloss and color preservation, Help customers improve their competitiveness

ace usually needs to be exposed to various harsh environments and tested by extreme environmental conditions such as extreme temperature, humidity, light and soil. Therefore, aiside's self insulation is mostly used for non bearing walls. The thermal performance of the self insulation wall is stable and is not affected by the construction quality; The construction operation is simple, avoiding the destructive effect of the second decoration on the internal insulation materials; It can solve the problem of wall thermal insulation of high-rise buildings; Through the design of material block structure, the problem of external wall leakage can be solved. The ace coating solution must ensure the stability, durability and weather resistance of ACE coating. Ashtar's series of products for coating agricultural machinery, engineering machinery and earth moving equipment include electrophoretic paint aquaec ™、 Tufcote ™ And corlar ™ Industrial liquid coatings and powder coatings

AquaEC ™ Our electrophoretic paint series can be well matched with water-based and solvent based primer and can be applied to construction machinery. High performance electrophoretic paint products can meet the needs of customers for high mechanical tension and excellent corrosion resistance

Tufcote ™ As a topcoat, liquid coatings are designed to meet various fields with strict requirements for performance, corrosion protection, light and color retention, such as leading manufacturers in agriculture and engineering equipment. This series of products can provide durable high-performance protective coatings

Corlar ™ Epoxy coating is based on modified epoxy polyamide resin technology, which reflects the latest technical level. The epoxy coating has many uses and excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. Most corlar epoxy coating products are well known for their surface properties and direct coating on metal surfaces. These products are not only environmentally friendly, but also have the characteristics of no activation time. They can be applied by brushing, rolling or spraying at a temperature of 35 ° f (1.7 ° C)

tufcote series primer and corlar series primer can both provide excellent appearance and retention, and have excellent corrosion protection performance in low film thickness construction with less pulverization. Tufcote series topcoat can be self drying or hydraulic universal testing machine is an important type of testing machine. It can be forced to dry, so as to obtain faster curing time. At the same time, it has excellent weather resistance, flexibility, color and gloss retention

Rita ® Alesta ® The coating can have super weather resistance, rich colors, excellent gloss stability and anti-corrosion performance, and can meet the stringent performance standards of major agricultural and construction equipment manufacturers. While maintaining the design requirements of major equipment manufacturers, it can also provide excellent anti-corrosion protection

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