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Aixun Technology launched Intel Core 2 dual core processor

[Beijing News, july2,2007] your most trusted long-term industrial computer partner - Aixun Co., Ltd. recently launched a high-performance 3.5-inch embedded single board computer sbc84830 that conforms to the lead-free process (Rosh), providing users with the latest Intel Core 2 dual core processing technology, bringing users an unprecedented high-performance experience; The standard intelecx specification and diversified expansion interface selection can effectively improve the integration ability of the system; It is an ideal high-capacity embedded application platform to meet the needs of users for high-performance, high flexibility and rapid product launch. Sbc84830 is equipped with advanced socketm architecture Intel Core 2 dual core processor or Intel celeronm processor, which is the best choice for users' high performance requirements. At the same time, the embedded 3.5-inch single board computer adopts a compact design and has a variety of extended input and output interfaces, such as dual screen display, COM interface, Gigabit Ethernet interface, high-performance graphics controller interface, USB2.0 port, DDR2 system memory slot, pci-ex1 and PCI bus expansion functions

sbc strives to maintain stable growth in the industry. The 84830 is equipped with a variety of optimized Intel processors to solve a series of embedded applications required by users, including interactive platforms, game platforms, on-board systems and industrial automation equipment. At the same time, it is equipped with a series of i/o expansion cards that support the Intel ECX (embedded compact expansion profile specification) standard. Many 3.5-inch embedded motherboards sbc84830, sbc84820 and sbc84810 launched by Aixun technology can support more and more powerful functions through a large number of rich i/o expansion cards. Customers can easily use stack installation to immediately have a new and complete single board computer solution, The following solutions are provided in different combinations:

main product features:

* equipped with advanced socketm architecture Intel Chinese scientists have recently developed a polyester composite plastic material core2duo/cored that can degrade in seawater. Therefore, the strain gauge is connected to the uo/coresol CPU in the measuring circuit, and supports 533/667mhzfsb

* supports the high performance of the system, High performance graphics processing interface

* operate with int according to actual utilization El 945gme+ich7m chipset

* has two sets of COM ports, which are suitable for applications in the transaction terminal industry (POS)

* has four sets of high-speed USB2.0 interfaces

* supports two sata-150 hard disk interfaces

* supports the expansion interface of ECX specification, and can provide PCI-E PCI bus expansion, sdvo (serial digital video output) interface and other functions

the product is fully imported into the lead-free process (RoHS), meets the rigorous process and high-quality green environmental protection standards, and will be launched globally at the end of July 2007. If you need more product information and any technical support, please refer to aisun Chinese Mainland regional station or write to axcn@, or call the local aisun branch to obtain exclusive and more efficient services

about Aixun

in the Aixun team, we design, manufacture, and support the development of diversified products and modular application computer platforms, so that customers have a single source that is reliable and cost-effective. Aixun provides a number of CE, FCC and UL certified products, including industrial computer platforms, embedded computer platforms, network storage applications, got and tablet computers. Different from the emphasis on the embedded form of general single board computers, Aixun devotes itself to developing a full range of single board computer products, including servers and computer bases, NAS (Network Attached Storage) and tower storage devices, as well as a full range of interactive tablet computers. Aixun's products are widely used in industrial automation operation, data acquisition system, DVR (digital video recorder), medical industry, banking, entertainment industry, transportation industry, pos/poi, kiosk (kiosk), HMI (humanized mechanical interface), network communication, telecommunications industry, and network storage application equipment and market. Aisun will focus on the application computer platform market and provide competitive price solutions to system integration operators and large, medium and small-sized developers. Aisun will also continue to pay attention to the importance of our sales partners and customers, tailor your business plan to different customer needs, and develop more efficient oem/odm solutions

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