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Aixun technology low-power fanless 2. Model: wal (6) 00, wal1000, wal2000, wal3000 embedded motherboards

1.52004, Shanghai

Aixun Technology (Axiomtek) realized that there was still a demand for low-power, entry-level motherboards in the industrial application field, so it launched two fanless 3.5 embedded motherboards sbc84400 and sbc84401 with nucleating agent 0.2~0.7. Its onboard low-power 133mhzstpcconsumerii and STPC core processors respectively. In fact, such products can be applied to a wide range of applications, such as industrial automation or harsh application environments

sbc8 with the efforts of scientific researchers, both the 4400 and sbc84401 are equipped with 32mbsdram and a DIMM card to support 128MB of system memory Other onboard devices include 1 fast Ethernet port, 4 COM ports (the serial port provides rs-232/422/485 jumper selection), and a print port. It also provides pc/104+ and pc/104 interfaces for further expansion Input voltage +5v. In addition, its SSD is DiskOnChip or compactflashtm

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about aisun

aisun Co., Ltd. is a leading designer/manufacturer of international industrial computer series. Based on data acquisition and control, it has developed into industrial automation solutions for design and manufacturing in different fields

aisun Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. It has not only passed iso9001&iso14001 and other international quality system certifications, but also is a major partner of Intel. Aixun technology is the Chinese branch of Taiwan Aixun. Aisun has more than 200 employees, more than 80 employees in total distributed in branches in the United States, China, Germany and France, and more than 60 dealer partners in the world. Aisun provides IPC (industrial computer), ECP (embedded computer), PPC (tablet computer), DAS (the difference set scheme of Rockwell hardness and Brinell hardness) and NAS (network storage device), Diskarray (disk array) and more than 250 series products

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