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IResearch ruggedized portable industrial control computer is a battlefield computer application

secure systems production is a company specializing in the production of testing equipment. They provide products for Britain and other NATO armed organizations. Therefore, they clearly realize that the demand for hardware platform in this military system is a ruggedized computer

the company once thought that because of the harsh conditions, it might have to customize products for the army and pay a high price, so they were so excited when they found dolch's notepac product. Notepac is a mature commercial product, and its high cost performance makes it very competitive

in order to meet the needs of the future digital battlefield, the requirements for ruggedized computers have been correspondingly increased. In order to meet this requirement, the two leading experimental motor brains in their respective fields cannot be jointly developed by the company to provide a feasible solution. Chris Sullivan, sales director, secure systems production, Comments: "we have known dolch for many years, not only because of its high reputation for high quality and excellent service, but also because it has branches in the UK as technical support. This also provides logistics guarantee for our needs at any time. Dolch has given us strong confidence, because the products they give us are really value-added products that exceed their quality."

because dolch's all metal notebook computer meets the requirements of mil-std-810e military standard in terms of vibration and impact, and it is also waterproof, salt corrosion resistant and dust-proof, and its seal reaches the standard of IP54

the installation of magnesium cast casing and shockproof components enables notepac to withstand 15g vibration load when working and 50g vibration load when not working. Indeed, just as dolch uses its internal test equipment to ensure that its products can withstand the temperature and extreme pressure in aircraft, armored vehicles and warships, secure systems production has also established its own test equipment. The standard of this immunity test has met the highest standard in EMC

each dolch product used in the military has passed the test, and the amount of non-metallic materials used in military vehicles has also increased. More and more people in the UK and NATO countries are using notepac products. They are very willing to use equipment that has passed the strict EMC standard test of secure systems production company. The biggest loss is that the material performance cannot be measured immediately when necessary

it is no exaggeration to say that dolch has brought a revolution to the army and other fields with "difficult environment". With the secure syst ± 45 ° and the horizontal position outside the zero position, EMS production has increased the quality of notepac. Both companies can show their skills in their target markets, leaving other competitors behind

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