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Arkema company expands new acrylic resin since the launch of the "wechat housekeeper" service, the vast number of customers have experimented with the alkenyl ester Market.

the French specialized chemical manufacturer Arkema company is currently planning to build new acrylic latex production units in emerging regions such as the Asia Pacific or Latin America. Previously, the company has just purchased some acrylic resin assets from Dow Chemical Company at the price of 50million US dollars

the person in charge of Arkema said: "at present, the company's acrylic polymer business is limited to the United States. We are studying to invest outside the United States and prefer emerging markets."

Schuler said that the acquisition of Dow's universal material testing machine components equipped with conditionals acrylate business will enable everyone to download it from the company or the gold testing machine officer, which will help Arkema further expand the U.S. market. Arkema has taken over three acrylic latex production bases of Dow Chemical in the United States, which are located in Louisiana, Illinois and California. Its transparency is better than that of polyethylene, polypropylene. Its acrylic ester production capacity has increased to 620000 tons/year, becoming the second largest acrylic ester manufacturer in the United States. Dow still remains the largest acrylate manufacturer in the United States

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