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Axiomtek provides numerical control solutions for Michelin group

numerical control solutions

background brief introduction:

the tire manufacturing industry is developing rapidly in China's economic development, especially in the context of the rapid development of the automotive industry. The total assets and sales revenue of the industry show a rapid growth trend. From the perspective of future market development, it is predicted that China's tire demand will reach 160million to 170million in 2005, and the tire output will reach more than 250million in 2010. With the continuous expansion of the tire market and the improvement of consumers' requirements for tire quality, a high standard and efficient production system has become very important for tire manufacturers. Therefore, high-quality industrial control equipment is more and more widely used in the tire manufacturing industry. Even for manufacturers, whether to use high-quality industrial control equipment has become a matter of life and death

system process:

tire production includes: internal mixing, extrusion, calendering, bead forming, cord cutting, vulcanization and other complex processes

each process includes a very complex process

system principle:

in the process of tire production, after receiving the process parameters, the industrial control host of tire manufacturing transmits the signals to the programmable controllers (PLC) of internal mixer, extruder, calender, bead former, cord fabric cutter, vulcanizer and other machines, and then each programmable controller transmits the signals through its output port, so that the machine can perform the whole internal mixing, extrusion, calendering, bead forming Cord cutting, vulcanization and other processes to complete the work. In each stage of the internal mixing cycle, the speed of the main motor is set by the process parameters. In the process of internal mixing meeting a series of relevant experimental standards, the programmable controller records some process data and whether the equipment is in good condition, and transmits the internal mixing data to the industrial computer as the basis for the industrial computer to control the internal mixing action and the end of the internal mixing cycle. At the same time, the system will automatically adjust the speed of the extruder according to the internal mixing conditions and automatically adjust the pressure between the pressure roller and the extruder head to the set value. With the increase of the rubber in the hopper, the speed of the extruder will also accelerate, the head pressure will increase, and the calender will also automatically increase the speed to keep the pressure at the set value until the extruder speed increases to the maximum and the calender speed is the maximum. When the material level of the extruder hopper rises to the upper limit

, the extrusion opportunity requires the internal mixer to stop temporarily. After the material level drops to the middle level, the internal mixer will continue to work. In the preparation process of rubber parts, the calender presses the framework material required by the tire into the rubber, and presses the rubber into a certain shape according to the preset parameters of the industrial control host. In the process of tire forming, the machine automatically completes the processes of length fixing, cutting, synchronous fitting and shaping according to the set parameters, so that the tire is basically formed. In order to strengthen the wear resistance and rolling resistance of the tire, vulcanization is needed to enhance the strength of the tire. The change of pressure and temperature during tire vulcanization directly affects the quality of tire vulcanization, which requires that the industrial control system strictly monitors and controls the vulcanization temperature and pressure to make it proceed according to the preset value during tire vulcanization, and when the temperature and pressure are insufficient, the automatic delay vulcanization method is adopted to compensate the temperature and pressure

hardware configuration:

axiomtek P4 industrial personal computer customized machine

ax6022/14gp7 (6*isa/7*pci/1*picmg) sbc81822vecd P4 motherboard w vga/lan

p4 2.8ghz

kingston 512M ddr

40gb HDD 7200/ATA 100

d-link 530tx 10/100m

17 inch CRT ViewSonic reen (black) SOHO raid sr-2500

syba controller card

hp LaserJet printer 1320n

network printer black/white

d-link network hub

8 port 10/100 mbps


each tire contains more than 150 components. In the tire production process, the process from raw material preliminary processing to calendering forming to the final end is complex and long, which requires high efficiency, stability Precise server level terminal to do specific configuration control. Not only does the company need to have good expansion capability, multi-channel communication capability (at least 4-channel communication ports), a certain hot standby mechanism, but also excellent control capability (able to control multiple machines to run at the same time, coordinate with each other, and keep pace) 。 The 4U industrial computer of Aixun technology has reasonably solved the control problems in tire production. The machine has 6*isa/7*pci/1*picmg and has good expansion capability. Syba's PCI port card extends two RS232. In addition, Aixun sbc81822vecd comes with two RS232. A total of four RS232 are convenient for customers to connect various peripheral devices. SOHO raid sr-2500 and syba channeling card are added. The sr-2500 adopts the disk mirror principle, which enables two hard disks to record data at the same time. No matter which hard disk is damaged, the other one is automatically enabled, and there is no need to issue any instructions. At the same time, scholars gradually realized that there may be an undiscovered failure mechanism when using polyether polyurethane (PEU), so it is necessary to further study the IDE hard disk hot plug function to facilitate backup and maintenance, It is a very effective hot standby mechanism. Sbc81822vecd P4 motherboard, P4 2.8GhZ CPU and Kingston 512M DDR are used, which has very strong computing and control capabilities

schematic diagram:

system function:

control the pressure, temperature, time, power, etc. in the internal mixing process

control the extrusion speed, pressure, hopper level, etc

control the shape, speed and quality of calendering

control the length of cutting, synchronous fitting, etc

control the vulcanization time, temperature, pressure, quality, etc

it can check faults such as line break, fuse trip and neutral line break, and detect line voltage

system data can be modified for hot backup

fault alarm and remote diagnosis can be carried out

advantages of the system:

1. the 4U industrial computer of Aixun technology is used as the numerical control core of the tire production system for data transmission, parameter setting, data recording, data display and alarm. This reduces many display instruments and switch buttons, reduces fault points, enhances the accuracy of data transmission, improves the quality of tires, and facilitates equipment fault diagnosis and equipment maintenance. At the same time, some process data and curves are provided for process engineers to facilitate the research and adjustment of manufacturing process

2. the 4U industrial control computer of Aixun technology has a very strong control ability. It can monitor the entire manufacturing process, which can easily control the speed of each digital machine tool and make each digital machine tool coordinate with each other

3. the sr-2500 interface is added to allow two hard disks to record data at the same time. No matter which hard disk is damaged, the other one will be enabled automatically for easy backup and maintenance

4. the 4U industrial control computer of Aixun technology has a very strong system expansion capability, which can support at least 4-channel communication, and provides a convenient data channel for the host and CNC machine tools

5. the remote diagnosis system is adopted to provide a complete set of remote diagnosis channels for the factory. When the factory equipment has a fault that is difficult to solve, it provides convenience for the factory engineer to consult the engineer of the remote equipment manufacturer. In this way, the normal operation rate of the equipment is greatly improved

enterprise advantages:

Aixun technology is a company that has reached the iso-9001/iso14001 standard. In the field of industrial control, Aixun technology has 15 years of production experience and is the best oem/odm partner. Aisun technology has perfectly enhanced the industrial computer platform of the factory and built an assembly line with maximum productivity. By providing manufacturers with the most advanced industrial automation technology, Aixun technology helps manufacturers ensure that production is completed on time. The industrial automation solutions of Aixun technology can be applied in any production field. Aixun Technology Co., Ltd. provides customers with complete machine warranty for up to two years, and provides 24-hour door-to-door service in the first year (limited to Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing)

application customers:

the industrial computer products of aisun Technology Co., Ltd. have reached the level of the world's top industrial computer, and can be used in various very complex manufacturing processes. Michelin group is the world's largest tire company and a leader in tire technology. It was established in Clement Ferrand, France more than a century ago. In April, 2001, Michelin Group invested USD 200million to jointly establish Shanghai Michelin Huili Tire Co., Ltd. (SMW) with Shanghai tire and Rubber Co., Ltd. (STRC). At the end of 2002, the company began to produce Michelin brand tires. Michelin's headquarters in China also moved from Beijing to Shanghai. The tire production line of Michelin group has applied the 4U industrial computer products of aisun Technology Co., Ltd., providing strong support and guarantee for its high-quality tire production

aisun Co., Ltd. is a leading designer/manufacturer of international industrial computer products. Based on data acquisition and control, it has developed into industrial automation solutions for design and manufacturing in different fields

aisun Co., Ltd. was established in 1990. Aixun technology is a branch of Taiwan Aixun in China. Aisun has more than 200 employees, more than 80 employees in total distributed in branches in the United States, China, Germany and France, and more than 60 dealer partners in the world. Aixun provides IPC (industrial computer), ECP (embedded single board computer), PPC (tablet computer), DAC (data acquisition scheme), IA (industrial automation), Na (network application platform) and NAS (network storage device) for people, and more than 400 series products

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