The hottest copper and zinc led the decline, and n

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Copper and zinc led the decline in nonferrous Shanghai aluminum, which fell to a low level in the range

overnight, Lun aluminum opened at $2079/ton. In the Asian session, Lun aluminum fell to $2072.5/ton before noon, and began to rebound to $2084/ton at noon, with high volatility; Entering the European trading session, Lun aluminum showed that the recent inertia was first suppressed and then increased, and the high was still blocked at $2096.5/t. During the night opening session of the Shanghai market, copper and zinc led the decline, while Lun aluminum fell, and the low hit $2071/T, gaining support, stopping the decline, and repairing some of the decline to close at $2079/5 The printer prints test data and curve tons. The trading volume decreased by 81 to 10357, and the position decreased by 8281 to 668420. Lun aluminum entered the sideways market, and the figure was obvious. It was concerned about the stirring effect of the Fed's interest rate decision on the market, and was expected to run $2070 - $2095/ton within the day

overnight, the main force of Shanghai aluminum opened at 14030 yuan/ton, and the nonferrous metal experimental machine industry also made great progress. The overall decline, short positions increased, and the main force of Shanghai aluminum fell to 13930 yuan/ton. When the decline of copper and zinc, which led the decline, Bulls entered the market, short positions operated, and aluminum rebounded slightly. Almost all metal materials rose to 13990 yuan/ton. However, under the overall weakness of nonferrous metals, bulls did not dare to fight, closed positions and left the market, The main force of Shanghai aluminum fell to 13925 yuan/ton. Then yesterday morning, long and short positions were mainly closed, and the main fluctuation range of Shanghai aluminum gradually narrowed to 13940 yuan/ton. The trading volume decreased by 110000 to 97336, and the position increased by 346 to 347980. From a fundamental point of view, the long and short logic of Shanghai aluminum is weak, and the expected daily operation is 13900-14050 yuan/ton. Spot discount 160-120 yuan/ton

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