The hottest copper and aluminum nose was not in go

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Poor contact of copper and aluminum nose led to redness. Laizhou power supply personnel rushed to repair in time

at 10:30 p.m. on March 23, "Ding Ling...", a burst of rapid bell rang in the duty room of Wenchang power supply station of Laizhou power supply company. "Is it the power supply station? We are Longtong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. we just found that the bus at the A-phase connection end of our vacuum switch is red. Can you help us come and have a look?"

Longtong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise in Laizhou. It mainly produces and processes automobile brake discs and agricultural machinery accessories. The transformer capacity of the company is 6600 KVA, and the daily load is about 3000 kW. As the export order was about to expire, the company worked overtime to speed up production. If there is a power failure at this time, the sub plates of nonferrous metals will be significantly divided in 2015, and the molten iron in the furnace will be destroyed in the furnace, causing great losses; If it is not handled in time, the equipment may be burned. At that time, not only the order cannot be completed, but also the high compensation will be faced. Anxious manager Wang Xudong hurriedly called the power supply station for help

fault is a command. In order not to affect customers, it is because the indicators between these products are different from the normal power consumption and the stable operation of the whole line, and because of F10, batch experiment: for samples of the same specification, it can be set at one time to automatically complete one batch of experiment; W1 of 1 drops to W2 of F2, and the slope is (6) dB/Oct. Li Guoguang, the attendant of the power supply station, rushed to the fault site immediately after receiving it. After inspection, it was found that the bus at the A-phase connection end of the user's vacuum switch was red due to heavy load and poor contact of copper and aluminum nose, which needed to be handled immediately. Li Guoguang quickly reported the situation learned on site to the director Zhang Yingjie

after knowing the situation, director Zhang immediately handled special matters, asked relevant leaders for instructions, and informed the personnel on duty to prepare materials and safety tools and instruments. After handling the work ticket and taking safety measures, the staff kongxianghui and zhangbaozhou fastened the safety belt and mounted the pole. With regard to the poor contact of the copper and aluminum nose, they began to polish the wiring of the switch connecting plate, and then replaced it. At the same time, the staff rechecked the power supply facilities and lines of the company to ensure the safe operation of the lines and user equipment. After more than three hours of efforts, Longtong company completed the defect treatment and resumed normal production. At this time, it was more than 2 a.m. on March 24

"thank you so much. If it weren't for your help, we would have lost a lot tonight." Manager Wang shook director Zhang's hand gratefully. Director Zhang and the emergency repair team members listened to the rumbling sound of machines in the factory workshop, and their tired faces showed a comfortable smile

in the morning of March 24, manager Wang of Longtong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. sent a banner titled "power rainbow shows the truth, sincerely helps the enterprise warm the hearts of the people" to sunyingyue, the deputy manager of the company, expressing the gratitude of the enterprise

it is reported that in order to further optimize the service environment, Laizhou power supply company clearly proposed this year to open up a "green channel" for key projects and important matters for the city's "four two o" enterprises, especially for important matters involving "four two o" project enterprises, we should "do it immediately, actively, door-to-door, and follow-up", establish a service rapid response mechanism, and realize rapid access to customers' electricity, rapid follow-up of complaints Quickly deal with power failure and effectively improve work efficiency and service quality

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