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CorBit: innovating to create an industrial UAV industrial chain ecosystem

original title: CorBit: innovating to create an industrial UAV industrial chain ecosystem

economy - China economy, Beijing, December 6 (Yang yangteng) after hot money influx and industry reshuffle, the industrial UAV industry is gradually tending to rational development. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, leading industrial UAV enterprises are actively building an open and shared ecological chain to reduce the threshold for developers and integrators and achieve win-win cooperation between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain

the picture shows technicians discussing issues related to UAV accessories in the COBIT industrial UAV workshop. Photographed by our newspaper Yang yangteng

fighting alone is not as good as industrial collaboration

as an efficient and convenient auxiliary means, industrial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have attracted increasing attention from the industry because of their expanding professional uses and adapting to complex and volatile use environments, and have made great progress in recent years. It is predicted that by 2023, the global industrial UAV market will exceed US $30billion, becoming an important industry to stimulate economic development and promote industrial application upgrading. "At present, the most widely used industrial UAVs in China are government departments, accounting for 45% of the market; followed by fire rescue, accounting for 25%; agriculture, forestry and fishery, energy exploration and earth exploration account for 13%, 10% and 6% respectively." Luzhihui, chairman of Shenzhen CorBit Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., analyzed that the next decade will be the key decade for the development of industrial UAVs, and promoting industrial collaboration and achieving openness and win-win results is one of the keys to sound and healthy development

the picture shows a pesticide spraying UAV for agriculture in COBIT. Photographed by Yang yangteng of our newspaper

"A few years ago, hot money poured into the industrial UAV market, and a number of enterprises mushroomed. Some enterprises lacked the core competitive advantage and the awareness of industrial coordinated development, and blindly invested in the whole industrial chain of R & D, design, production and sales by relying on the early capital support. With the tightening of supervision and the rationalization of capital, they fell into trouble, making the collapse and layoffs of the UAV industry frequent in the past two years." Lu Zhihui believes that analyzing the reasons for the failure of these UAV start-ups, in addition to the impact of the immature environment of the whole industry, the lack of enterprise crisis awareness, another important factor is the lack of industry cooperation spirit of the enterprise itself

"entrepreneurs are not satisfied with others and feel that they can do well. Every new enterprise starts from scratch, pays attention to every link, personally designs flight platforms, and builds flight control systems, data link systems, ground station systems, power systems, etc., resulting in a large waste of resources and serious homogenization competition." Lu Zhihui said that it is difficult for start-ups to achieve perfection in core components everywhere. There are shortcomings in one link, which is bound to affect product performance and the benign development of the whole enterprise

the picture shows the CorBit industrial unmanned aerial vehicle magic machine military division T15 equipment attracting the audience to stop and visit at the 2018 World VR industry conference. (data and pictures)

unlike start-ups who like to start from scratch, CorBit is good at grasping the advantages of industrial collaborative development at the beginning of its development. Lu Zhihui introduced that in the R & D and manufacturing of the important flight control system of industrial UAV, CorBit dared to hand over the core components to its partners, and focused on the R & D of key technologies and market research. By analyzing the market data and resources of customers in different industries, optimizing application functions, and promoting rapid iteration of products and services, CorBit has achieved leapfrog development. Now it has become the largest supplier of electricity in the country Nanfang power is the second largest supplier and the only supplier of Guodian wind energy inspection, with a market share of 30% in the field of public security and fire protection, and the market share of energy inspection UAV equipment is more than 80%. Over the past few years, CorBit has successively acquired a number of UAV upstream and downstream enterprises, such as holding carbon fiber body manufacturers, hydrogen energy system manufacturers, and a number of flight control, image transmission, power system, mission system, software system, UAV spare parts research and development teams, becoming the first enterprise in China to open up the whole industrial chain of industrial UAVs

mutual benefit and win-win results are the future trend

"a single tree does not make a forest, and a single string does not make a sound." At present, the industrial UAV industry is extending from technical fields such as design, R & D and manufacturing to management, service and guarantee fields such as UAV leasing and operator training, and then touches a broader and deeper level of social production and life, forming a gradually complete industrial chain. After several baptisms in the industry, industrial UAVs have lost their competitive advantage of "fighting alone and acting in their own way". Enterprises have sought win-win cooperation to promote the development of good function flexibility in the industry

at the 20th high tech fair, Shenzhen COBIT Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. took part in the exhibition with "luyunlong" series UAVs. Photographed by Yang yangteng of our newspaper

in order to speed up the process of industrial collaborative development, Lu Zhihui played the leading role of leading enterprises, recently released the industrial UAV ecological chain standard, and announced the permanent opening of Kobe express interface agreement. Among them, 15 task mounts adopt unified standard interfaces. The standard interface for rapid disassembly and assembly of task equipment can realize rapid disassembly and assembly in 30 seconds. The unified interface standard enables it to realize multiple uses of a platform

"opening the industrial UAV industrial ecological chain standard means that there are more business opportunities in the UAV field, which brings more possibilities to the development of customized loads in various industries in the future, and is more conducive to promoting the diversified development of industrial applications. If the promotion is successful, the whole industry pattern will change significantly." Lu Zhihui's expected goal is to form an Android like open source ecological chain in the UAV industry, with a high degree of division of labor and cooperation, so as to promote the decline of product prices and expand the scale of market applications. "Division of labor and cooperation is the law and trend for each industry to achieve healthy and high-speed development, as is the case in the industry, automobile industry and household appliance industry. Enterprises can develop freely and smoothly only by complying with the law." Lu Zhihui said

the picture shows the industrial UAV wind and rain resistance test center of CorBit. (data and pictures)

CorBit also launched the "micromagicconnector" industrial chain cooperation platform, which aims to reduce the threshold for upstream and downstream enterprises and other peers to enter the UAV industry, and give away 1000 sets of standard quick disconnect equipment for free, and fully open the software interface. Once the standard is adopted, both flight platforms and mission load equipment manufacturers can realize the free collocation and combination of the whole industry, Create unlimited possibilities for mounting research and development. Lu Zhihui said that we hope to become a bridge for everyone, both as customers and users

the picture shows CorBit's industrial UAV R & D center. (data and pictures)

open the industrial UAV ecological chain standards, form a shared and win-win industrial cooperation alliance, and promote the healthy development of the industrial UAV industry. CorBit's move has won wide recognition and welcome in the industry. The image lens is an important accessory in the UAV industry chain. There is an important fixed equipment "pan tilt" between the lens and the UAV, which can remotely control its rotation and movement direction. At present, the image lens and "PTZ" equipment interface used by UAV enterprises are very different, which increases unnecessary procurement costs, time costs and labor costs for equipment suppliers

"Graphenano, which created the technological miracle of graphene battery at that time, was invested in Yuntai by Chint electric in 2016. The unit price of batch purchase is about 2000-3000 yuan. However, at present, the interfaces of 'Yuntai' of UAV enterprises are different. After purchase, targeted modification will be carried out, which is equivalent to personalized customization. The price will be increased to 5000-8000 yuan, and the transformation process will take at least two days." Room. " Taohaibing, the business manager of Shenzhen dianyang Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in infrared thermal imaging and visible light system customization services, told that the formation of a general standard interface in the industry can not only save the hardware transformation link, but also do not need to adjust the communication protocol, which can not only reduce costs, but also greatly reduce the repetitive after-sales service work caused by the transformation. More importantly, after the integration of industry standards, more professional equipment will tend to be popularized, It is more conducive to expanding the market and upgrading services

the picture shows various industrial UAV products displayed by Shenzhen COBIT Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. (data and pictures)

different from the UAV "PTZ" interface, in terms of UAV remote control and telemetry, with the early competition and cooperation in the segmented field, the interface has been basically generalized, which makes the enterprises in this segment market benefit a lot. Shenzhen huazhiyi Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the R & D and production of integrated wireless communication links and control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles and robots. Among the more than 20 customers currently cooperating, the remote control and telemetry equipment provided by Shenzhen huazhiyi Technology Co., Ltd. is basically a general standard product, which is applicable to all enterprise platforms. Huyanbin, general manager of Huayi Company, said that the most obvious change in product standardization is that we can produce in batches, with controllable costs and stable performance, which is conducive to the enterprise's integration of resources, timely iteration according to market feedback, and promote the steady improvement of product quality

the picture shows the CorBit industrial UAV products unveiled at the 2018 World VR industry conference. (data and pictures)

Hu Yanbin has entered the UAV industry for ten years. Previously, he also produced UAVs, developed various mounts, and participated in the whole industrial chain, but did not make good achievements. After analyzing the development trend of the industry and its core competitive advantages, it finally chose to work deeply in the subdivided field of wireless transmission, which is inseparable from the development of the industry. At present, it has become an important partner of COBIT and other UAV and robot enterprises

"the collaborative development of industrial UAV industrial system has entered a critical stage. Perfect production and manufacturing capabilities, supply chain management and quality control capabilities should be formed within the enterprise. At the same time, the upstream and downstream enterprises should continue to promote each other and grow together in the industry, so as to build a virtuous cycle pattern of industrial development." Lu Zhihui believes that the most important thing at present is to find leading enterprises in various sub sectors of the industrial chain, constantly expand the industrial chain collaborative alliance, deepen upstream and downstream collaborative innovation, and finally form a cross industry and cross field industrial UAV industrial chain ecosystem

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