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The coated paper industry blindly expanded its production and tasted the bad consequences

the price per ton fell by about 2000 yuan year-on-year. At the same time, about 2000 tons of "jump price" coated paper may quietly return to Shanghai in the past 12 months, which will create another trouble for the extremely depressed coated paper market

since the price of coated paper fell in the second half of last year, the average price of coated paper has fallen by more than 1000 yuan per ton so far. Compared with the same period last year, the price of coated paper per ton is about 2000 yuan. In fact, people of insight have long predicted this situation in the coated paper industry, but the speed and scope of the price reduction this time are a little unexpected

take "Jindong", the leader of the domestic coated paper industry, as an example, their current coated paper price has fallen to about 7000 yuan per ton. Because of their huge stalls, many distribution points and flexible marketing methods, it is difficult for others to compete with them. On the contrary, the competition between their distribution points and agents sometimes messes up their own camp. At the same time, the current downturn and chaos of coated paper market prices are also related to the price reduction and sales of some large group companies. Suzhou Zixing, another large producer of coated paper in China, has also experienced difficulties in sales recently. In order to compete for market share, they also had to put down their airs and submit to the pressure of the market. Not only did the price drop sharply, but also allowed customers to default on loans for a certain period of time, so as to stabilize some customers. This kind of action seems to run counter to the usual practices of their foreign enterprises, but there is no way. China's national conditions and traditions are too strong. Foreign enterprises have been operating in China for a long time, and it is difficult to say who has integrated who

Shandong's paper industry leaders have set the price of coated paper not too high. In the past, coated paper products with poor quality were not prominent in the market, and the goal was not very big. However, in recent years, they have found many opportunities in the competition of coated paper tycoons, and hit the paper to Shanghai and the whole country. Their products cater to the tastes of some middle and low-end consumers, and the cake is becoming larger and larger, which has become a vassal of the coated paper market

there are also the coated paper products of the old Jiangnan paper mill. Their market share is really out of helplessness and nostalgia for the past glory. But now they put more energy, financial and material resources on developing new products and improving the quality of existing products. In this sense, Jiangnan factory has its correct strategic vision, and their behavior, words and deeds are very consistent with the enterprise spirit of their factory. Therefore, it is not exaggerated that they can recast brilliance in the future paper market

as for the low price of coated paper market, many experts have expressed their own opinions. The reasons are as follows: first, the domestic and foreign pulp market is depressed, pulp supply exceeds demand, and pulp prices continue to fall; Second, domestic demand fell, especially the demand for high-grade coated paper is no longer so popular; Third, in order to reduce costs, domestic publishers limited the use of coated nickel and aluminum paper. For example, the educational publishing system reduced the use of coated paper in textbooks in order to achieve the goal of reducing the price of textbooks by 10%. Such and so on, do make the coated paper industry feel quite embarrassed and in a dilemma

it seems that the inaccurate grasp of domestic demand for coated paper has caused the contradiction between supply and demand, which is probably the main reason for the depression of today's coated paper market. Of course, China is a large developing country, and the potential of the paper market is indeed great, but there is no scientific research on what kind of quantity it is. In the past, China blindly expanded the production of color TV sets and VCD products, which has caused the consequences of today's vicious competition. This is also the result that we Chinese like to herd together. Back then, some big names invested billions of gold in exchange for a backlog of hundreds of thousands of tons of coated paper. If there is anything unexpected, just imagine what situation will be caused by the sudden appearance of hundreds of thousands of tons of coated paper on the market? Can the disorderly competition in the coated paper market be stopped? Coated paper enterprises are really in danger

the price of coated paper has long begun to go down. It has been lying at the bottom for a long time, but it is still unwilling to get up. It was estimated that coated paper had no room to fall, and now it seems that it can't be too optimistic

the quotation of coated paper in the international market continues to go down, which directly blocks the rising space of domestic coated paper. Moreover, the current situation of oversupply of domestic coated paper has not changed at all. Suppliers compete fiercely with each other, completely eliminating the driving force of price rise. Although the brand products of individual manufacturers continue to sell well, they cannot reverse the overall market downturn and the wiring is correct. Before the system is loaded, it is necessary to turn on the electricity. Judging from the current situation, the probability that the price will continue to fall is greater than the probability that it will rise

paper and pulp are melons on a vine, and their market changes echo each other from afar. In the same period last year, pulp reached a high price of 7000 yuan per ton, but now it has fallen below 4500 yuan per ton, down by one third. The same is true of paper prices. The coated paper of Jindong and Zixing fell to 7500 yuan to 7700 yuan per ton. Jiangnan factory is better, but it can't hold the price of 9000 yuan to 9400 yuan per ton in the same period last year

this is not the case in the coated paper market. Some unexpected events have occurred many times. Manufacturers and operators should be alert that there may be about 2000 tons of "jump price" coated paper in the past 12 months, quietly flowing back into the Shanghai market. This will create another trouble for the already extremely depressed coated paper market

of course, the coated paper market is not without hot spots. As the consumption of packaging materials is increasing, paper handbags are popular. These are the areas in which coated paper plays its role at present. Due to the development of advertising, low gram weight single and double-sided coated paper has added new fields. In addition, high-grade waterproof coated paper is also being favored by Langsheng tepex high-performance composites in the market for manufacturing BMW rear muffler. These all seem to tell you that the dawn is ahead

take the taillight of a single car as an example

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