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What is the integration of anti-counterfeiting packaging?

the integration of anti-counterfeiting packaging means the organic combination of anti-counterfeiting and packaging. In the past, enterprises need to deal with two or three enterprises when doing anti-counterfeiting packaging. First, they need to find a design company, then a packaging company, and then an anti-counterfeiting company after packaging. Since the integration of anti-counterfeiting packaging is proposed, enterprises do not need to find three companies, Just find an integrated anti-counterfeiting packaging company, which not only saves the cost of the enterprise, but also saves the cost of communication

market environment

the increasingly strict laws and regulations indicate that the state has paid more and more attention to the problem of excessive food packaging, and it is imperative to limit the management measures of excessive packaging. It is believed that they will soon be popularized throughout the country, and enterprises that used to rely on luxury packaging to earn profits may face the risk of bankruptcy. Only by changing their thinking, vigorously adjusting their strategies and taking advantage of the trend can enterprises win the market again

basic definition

at present, in terms of market demand, in order to ensure the normal operation of the experiment itself, anti-counterfeiting packaging will be a new development trend after the introduction of the restriction order. Anti counterfeiting packaging is an organic combination of packaging and anti-counterfeiting, and anti-counterfeiting is integrated into the packaging. Huade reminds you here that the anti-counterfeiting packaging required by enterprises is not simply to integrate anti-counterfeiting technology into the packaging, but should promote simple packaging Advanced anti-counterfeiting is the way for enterprises to develop. For enterprises, it not only reduces costs, but also greatly reduces the probability of fraud, making it almost impossible to fabricate and sell fake goods

simple packaging is not a simple packaging, but fundamentally conforms to the basic functions of packaging, which not only saves packaging costs, but also reduces the waste of packaging materials, so as to save environmental protection

advanced anti-counterfeiting is not simply judged by how advanced the anti-counterfeiting technology is, but by focusing on consumers. When emphasizing the uniqueness of technology, consumers should also be easy to operate and identify. For some anti-counterfeiting technologies in the market, it is not advisable to identify the authenticity through professional anti-counterfeiting inspection equipment. The purpose of the thermal performance of plastic materials in the thermoforming process of anti-counterfeiting root plastic is to make it easy for consumers to operate and identify. For example, for nano humidity sensitive anti-counterfeiting, consumers can quickly identify wet water labels in 0.1 seconds. Such anti-counterfeiting can be called advanced anti-counterfeiting. At present, there are thousands of anti-counterfeiting technologies on the market, and few of them can really meet this standard

development trend

in the future, the development of the anti-counterfeiting industry and the packaging industry will be organically combined to achieve simple packaging and good anti-counterfeiting. Packaging constitutes the convergence area of the plastic industry with greater influence in Western China, and packaging and anti-counterfeiting will be integrated. This is a convergence. The concept of anti-counterfeiting packaging will be more and more accepted by enterprise managers, and the tension wheel should be re tensioned;. Anti counterfeit packaging will bring greater changes to the anti-counterfeit industry and packaging industry

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