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Corenix completed the network redundancy test, and the restart time of 250 interconnected switches was only 60 seconds

corenixtechnology recently publicly completed the network redundancy test. They (2) require high strength to use 250 jetnet5010g Gigabit Industrial Ethernet switches for redundancy and restart time testing. Korenix has successfully passed the dualhomingii tests of 250 jetnet5010g and cisco3650, and 7 rapidsuperring tests. When any connection in the seven rings is artificially disconnected, and the disconnection is artificially simulated on this ciscoswitch3650, there is still 50% unicast traffic and 5kmac address. This is a milestone in the redundancy technology of Huitong technology. A large number of network devices and connections will not affect the performance and reliability of the whole network. More importantly, during this process, the restart time of 250 jetnet5010g was tested. After repeated verification, the average time of the structure was less than 60 seconds. The restart time of 250 interconnected switches is only 60 seconds, which is a revolutionary breakthrough

applications in the industrial field require the network to be uninterrupted and coexistent, that is, it requires fast self-healing time and can be compatible with other networks. Jetnet5010 reduces environmental pollution and resource waste. G supports Ethernet redundant ring technology ----- rapidsuperring, korenix second generation ring redundancy technology. Ringmaster can be automatically selected by RSR switch. The self-healing time of Gigabit fiber ring is only 5 milliseconds

core Huitong jetnet5010g is a 7+3g tubular Industrial Ethernet switch, equipped with seven 10 twist/100tx ports and three 10/100/1000rj-45/with appropriate lubricant, 100 FX/gigabitsx/LX Gigabit optional ports. Two Gigabit ports can be used for group fast redundant ring (RSR). The third Gigabit port can be used to connect the upper layer switch, couplering or public server. Gigabit combo optional port design allows users to more flexibly choose electric or optical ports, 100base FX or 1000base-x, multi-mode or single-mode to adapt to different applications without changing the switch model

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