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The effect of epoxy high weather resistant external anti-corrosion special paint is Qijia

the effect of epoxy high weather resistant external anti-corrosion special paint is Qijia

September 29, 2004

the epoxy resin base material Eph high weather resistant external anti-corrosion special paint developed by PetroChina Heilongjiang green island paint manufacturing Co., Ltd. not long ago, as a stable rust primer, it has a very good anti-corrosion effect

this product is composed of active pigment and antirust paint. It relies on the chemical reaction between active pigment and rust to inhibit the development of rust. It is a stable rust primer, and the film-forming material is epoxy resin. Epoxy resin has strong adhesion. Due to the aliphatic hydroxyl group, ether group and active epoxy group in the structure, and the polarity of hydroxyl group and ether group makes the attraction of electromagnetic bond between epoxy resin and adjacent surface, so the viscosity is close to that of cast aluminum alloy, and the relay is particularly strong. At the same time, epoxy resin can change from liquid to solid in a fairly balanced way (with only slight shrinkage), so it can maintain almost all the original bonds. It has high adhesion to many metals and non-metals (except non-polar materials such as vinyl plastics). In the cured epoxy resin system, there are stable benzene rings, ether bonds and aliphatic hydroxyl groups, which have very stable chemical properties and can resist dilute acids, bases and some solvents. Because the structure contains aliphatic hydroxyl and alkali, it has stronger alkali resistance than oily paint and alkyd resin

this material is mainly composed of organosilicon modified epoxy resin, polyurethane vegetable oleic acid adduct and biomedical materials, which will meet the market share of chlorosulfonated polyethylene resin and high-grade paint additives in the pharmaceutical market. The light retention, aging resistance, especially corrosion resistance of this material are better than general oil paint and chlorosulfonated polyethylene paint. The EPI topcoat is mainly composed of chlorosulfonated polyethylene resin with a certain amount of epoxy resin, and rubber with active functional groups is synthesized first. Under the action of this film-forming material, the performance of the coating has changed a lot. There is an epoxy group at both ends of the macromolecule of epoxy resin, which can produce cross-linking within the macromolecule with the chlorosulfonyl group of chlorosulfonated polyethylene macromolecule, so that the polymer forms a body structure

in this way, compound curing agent and various functional active additives are added at room temperature and painted on the surface of the object to make it undergo chemical reaction. Huafeng spandex with high molecular structure solidified at room temperature is used as the raw material supporting supplier of the project. In its structure, there are both resin chain segments and rubber chain segments, and the cured paint film is between resin and rubber. The strength and adhesion of this material are much higher than that of general anti-corrosion coatings

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