The hottest epoxy resin enters the application fie

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Epoxy resin has entered the application field of prototype mold

rapid prototype manufacturing (RP) is increasingly used to manufacture prototype molds for blow molded products and hot formed products or molds for short-term production. Common rapid prototyping manufacturing includes: Fused Deposition molding (FDM), three-dimensional printing and three-dimensional lithography molding (SL). Using this kind of technology to develop molds requires shorter time and lower cost. With the introduction of new rapid prototyping materials, rapid prototype manufacturing has been widely used with the firmer, better heat resistance and the need for higher precision in processing and mass experiments (random sampling of production lines). Among them are epoxy resin materials. According to experts, high-performance stereolithography forming resins, such as DSM Somos' nano tool, have also accelerated the rapid tooling manufacturing and promotion in the fields of thermoforming and blow molding. The thermal deformation temperature (HDT) of epoxy resin/acrylate filled with nano silicon can reach 26 A: the indication errors are ± 0.5% and ± 1.0% respectively. It can provide excellent side wall quality and higher detail resolution compared with other rapid prototype materials and processing processes. Brian Bauman, global technical service and application development manager of dsmsomos, said that the PET bottle prototype mold made by nano tool can produce 500 ~ 1000 PET bottles

the pasting process of this kind of material adopts special mortar to paste on the wall. Note: the reprinted content is indicated with the source. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with its views or confirm it. 1. Check the authenticity of the content of the displacement sensor of the universal experimental machine

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