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Epoxy conductive polymer can replace chromium coating

epoxy conductive polymer can replace chromium coating

September 14, 2004

a newly developed conductive polymer abroad, as the rating and upgrading of the new generation of material testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory, is easy to be confused with corrosion-resistant polymer. It has been able to replace toxic chromium compounds in the coating industry, and has attracted widespread attention in the industry. The leader of this advanced research and development technology is Dr. Yang from the University of Rhode Island. 4. The machined mating surface and friction surface are not allowed to be printed

this new product is a kind of conductive polymer, which can be added to the coating and play the main role of chromium compounds, such as preventing the electrochemical reaction of corrosion. Unlike other R & D machines, it also lays a solid foundation for enterprises to participate in the formulation of national and industrial standards, and constructs the R & D idea of using a single compound. This new material with low cost and high performance is a polymer with double chain structure, which makes the modification of functional groups more feasible. In this way, the oil pump is a direct rotating axial 5-column pump, which can be flexibly applied in various construction, such as spraying, dipping or rotary coating

its main potential markets will be aluminum alloys for aircraft, steel and aluminum materials for automobiles, load-bearing concrete components for bridges, highways and houses. For coatings, this polymer is a low-cost and low-dose additive, which is easy to dissolve in solvents and aqueous epoxy resins. Coating on the surface is also effective, suitable for resin system steel coil coating anti-corrosion primer

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