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Epoxy resin coating improves the quality of overhaul of Shantou Fushi bridge, said he huaiqin, chairman of Shantou Fushi Henan Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd.

epoxy resin coating improves the quality of Shantou Fushi Bridge overhaul in the preparation process of mixing ingredients

January 09, 2007

the implementation of the annual ticket system has led to a sharp increase in the traffic flow of Fushi bridge in Shantou City, Guangdong Province, and the pavement of the main bridge deck of the bridge has undergone a large-scale renewal. The area of extruder products has shifted and cracked, To properly solve the maintenance problems of the steel deck of the bridge and ensure the traffic safety and structural quality of the bridge, the overhaul of the bridge has been started since November 21. This is the first overhaul of the Shishi bridge since it was opened and operated in February 1999 for more than 7 years. It is planned to be completed on February 1, 2007. The whole overhaul project will take 60 net working days. Epoxy resin will play an important role in the overhaul process

firstly, the project will adopt the construction technology pouring asphalt concrete successfully introduced from abroad in recent years to solve the compaction and waterproof problems, improve the waterproof performance of the pavement, have good thermal stability, and have good skid resistance, durability and other properties. After the excavation of the old bridge deck pavement, the construction party will sand blast the rust, paint the epoxy zinc rich primer anti-corrosion layer, then paint two layers of epoxy resin waterproof layer, sprinkle fine gravel on the waterproof layer, and finally add a rubber asphalt mortar buffer layer, so as to achieve a good driving effect. In the past, there was often ponding on the bridge deck when encountering heavy rain. This overhaul also aimed at this problem, and added a bridge deck drainage system for the bridge. During the overhaul, drainage pipes with a diameter of 20 cm will be installed on both sides of the bridge, so as to strive to quickly drain the ponding on the bridge deck during the heavy rainfall in Shantou, so as to ensure the driving safety of vehicles crossing the bridge

Shantou has a relatively long sun exposure time and a relatively high temperature. Will asphalt be damaged by exposure to the sun? The person in charge of the project told that relevant experts were invited to detect the temperature of the bridge deck. In the summer when the sun was the strongest, the maximum temperature of the bridge deck after exposure to the sun was more than 60 degrees Celsius. This time, the pouring asphalt concrete construction successfully introduced from abroad was used. The temperature that rubber epoxy asphalt mortar and modified asphalt can withstand is far more than 60 degrees, which is completely able to be exposed to the sunshine in Shantou without damage. In addition, the general warranty period of the project is 1 year. The bridge has a rotary encoder with a reference benchmark for each revolution. In order to ensure the quality of the project, the warranty period of the project is specially required to reach 3 years

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