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Analysis on the application of laser engraving technology in carton packaging (Part 2)

practical application of laser engraving and photosensitive resin plate in the corrugated carton packaging industry

at present, photosensitive resin plate and laser engraving plate are popular in the economically developed areas of the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. Resin plate occupies 30% of the market in the carton industry because of its high flexibility and clear marking, Laser engraving and plate making fully accept the original manual engraving and plate making, accounting for 70% of the market. 90% of corrugated boxes belong to transportation packaging, and the requirements for printing marks are generally about 40 lines, while the carton printing machinery can only reach less than 80 lines at most, and color offset printing is generally used for more than 80 lines. Laser engraving version can be used for electrical packaging between transportation packaging and sales packaging. Because some manufacturers' operators are used to it, resin version is mostly used now

competition and prediction between laser engraving plate and photosensitive resin plate with low energy consumption, environmental protection and economy

in the application of electrical and food packaging between transportation packaging and sales packaging, in addition to economic reasons, the use of laser engraving plate making is more important for environmental protection. 7. Needle valve oiling Cup group in the practice of carton packaging and marking, air cushion or sponge liner with good elasticity is used for printing, which can obtain high resolution and improve the printing effect by 10-20 lines. At present, many carton packaging enterprises have tried this method and achieved good results. A more robust approach is to use resin version for some smaller text patterns and laser engraving for text patterns above No. 7 on this basis. Example: Zhuhai Doumen Chiba paper products Co., Ltd. adopts this method in manufacturing Gree air conditioner export packaging cartons. Except for the resin version for the text pattern below No. 7, all the others adopt laser engraving version. So as to reduce the cost of plate making under the condition of ensuring quality. If all photosensitive resin plates are used, a set of printing plates should be no less than twoorthree yuan, while laser engraving plate making is mainly used, supplemented by photosensitive resin plates, and a set of printing plates is only more than 500 yuan. Enterprises should try their best to reduce production costs, and pay attention to the environment is more valuable

diversified competition in plate making technology

competition not only provides more choices for the carton packaging industry, but also greatly reduces costs and improves economic benefits for the carton packaging industry. Before the advent of laser engraving and plate making, the average price of photosensitive resin was 5 yuan/in2. At that time, the panel of the fund-raising project of Zhusan company showed that the experimental software of color filter film materials worked in Windows Chinese and English environment. Almost every industrial zone had photosensitive resin plate production and processing sites, and there was a great trend of spreading. After laser engraving plate making was introduced to the market, the price of photosensitive resin plate fell sharply, falling to 1.25 yuan/in2 today, and the production scale was also contracted. The benefits of plate making competition to the carton packaging industry are obvious. To sum up, corrugated box packaging enterprises will continue to compete in printing technology, and the competition between laser engraving plate making and photosensitive resin plate will continue and become more intense in the future. According to the prediction of corrugated packaging carton industry experts: in the future, the photosensitive resin will be completely withdrawn from the printing plate of transportation packaging carton. Between the printing of products for transportation and sales packaging, the photosensitive resin plate still has the upper hand. About 60% of them use photosensitive resin plate, 40% use laser engraving plate making. The original situation of the unification of photosensitive resin plate has undoubtedly become history

at present, the printing plate of the corrugated box packaging industry is generally laser engraving plate making, which accounts for 75% of the market share, and it also continues to expand. Although the photosensitive resin has high stability and high-definition printing effect, the cost problem is the bottleneck restricting its development. Even if the cost can be reduced, the environmental protection problem is the most critical problem restricting its development. Therefore, the economic and environmental friendly laser engraving plate making is the development direction of the printing plate in the carton packaging industry in the future

information source: China printing carton

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