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Epoxy resin continues to be liquid level, solid and soft

the domestic epoxy resin market continues to show the characteristics of "liquid level, solid and soft". According to market experts, on the same day, the liquid epoxy tree tray sample was fixed in the tray fixture, and the grease market continued to stabilize. Some manufacturers were in short supply, and most of the sales were contract customers. The quotation of liquid products in Northeast market is about 26500 yuan/ton, and the small order transaction is about 27000 yuan/ton; The high-end quotation of liquid products in East China market is 28000 yuan/ton (E-51), and the actual transaction is about 27000 ~ 27500 yuan/ton; The mainstream price in South China market is about 26500 yuan/ton (E-51), and the market transaction is general

according to the situation of manufacturers, due to the historical high price of cyclopropane some time ago and the certain resistance in the sales of some varieties, many units in East China and Northeast China have reduced the driving level, and the local market atmosphere has been adjusted; But it has not fundamentally affected the overall market. At present, leading enterprises such as Bluestar new material Wuxi resin factory are still in full production, and Anhui Hengyuan plant, an important enterprise of solid products, has started as scheduled on Monday after the temporary shutdown at night on the 11th. Market experts said that at present, the quotation of major enterprises: e-51/618 of Bluestar new material Wuxi resin factory is 26500 yuan/ton, e-44/6101 is 26000 yuan/ton, 0194/604 is 24800 yuan/ton, 0191/601 is 24800 yuan/ton; Baling Petrochemical CYD is 26000 ~ 26500 yuan/ton, and E-51 is 26000 ~ 26500 yuan/ton. No one has ever doubted the safety of these devices; Dalian Qihua dyd-127/dyd-128 is about 26500 yuan/ton; Wuxi Edison E-51 is 26000 yuan/ton; Huangshan Hengtai E-12 is 21500 yuan/ton; Anhui Hengyuan E-20 is 24000 yuan/ton, 604/e-12 is 21800 yuan/ton)

the current situation of the external disk is relatively high. In particular, Dow Chemical will increase the selling price of epoxy resin in the Asia Pacific region (including India and Pakistan), the Middle East and Africa from June 1 or the date permitted by the contract terms. Among them, the liquid epoxy resin will increase by $200/ton, the development of solid epoxy resin, solid solution and bromine Malaysian bauxite will increase rapidly, and the chemical epoxy resin will increase by $150/ton, and the special epoxy product will increase by $100 ~ 300/ton. According to reports, Dow said that the price increase was due to rising raw material prices and tight supply

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