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Market changes and development of high-end locks and hardware locks

with the rapid development of pillar industries such as housing, automobiles, medium and high-end office buildings and hotels, as well as the increasing demand of national defense, public security, financial and other systems for high preventive locks, the prospect of high-end locks market is optimistic. According to experts, high-tech products such as biometric technology and electronic technology in the lock consumer market are still basically in a blank stage, but the demand and desire of consumers in the market for this aspect are growing every year. With the rapid development of pillar industries such as public buildings and hotels, which require high-molecular polymers to have necessary mechanical properties when used as materials in housing, automobiles, medium and high-end offices, and the increasing demand for high-level lock products from national defense, public security, financial and other systems, the prospect of high-end lock market is optimistic. According to experts, high-tech products such as biometric technology and electronic technology in the consumer market of locks are still hd:ha+720 ℃/16h/ac+650 ℃/16h/ac, which is basically in a blank stage, but the demand and desire of consumers in the market for this aspect are increasing every year

various lock manufacturing enterprises have developed IC card electronic door locks, electronic password locks, encrypted magnetic card door locks, floor apartment intercom anti-theft systems, valve locks, and fingerprint locks. Because of the high technical content of high-end locks, which are more humanized and personalized, the product profits are also relatively high. Coupled with the accelerated upgrading of lock products, high-end locks will gradually become the mainstream of locks

a lock looks simple, but it needs 110 processes to complete. The lock industry is both a traditional industry and closely related to high and new technology. Today, with the rapid development of lock making technology, it is difficult for enterprises to take the lead in the industry without mastering advanced equipment and design level, and without a group of high-quality professionals. Copper prices have fluctuated sharply this year, and lock making has encountered unprecedented cost pressure. In the first half of this year, the prices of copper, aluminum and other raw materials rose several times. The cost rises, but the rising price of the product is less than one tenth of the cost. If the product price rises as much as the cost, customers will lose. Therefore, operators have said that the industry urgently needs technology and industrial upgrading to update the brand innovation model. The innovation of the lock industry requires enterprises to change their ideas, change their ideas based on imitation, master independent technology, increase investment in equipment, technology, research and development and patent innovation, improve the scientific and technological content of products, and increase the degree of product differentiation; Enterprises should pay attention to improving brand awareness and implementing brand strategy, so as to change their situation, seize medium and high-end market share, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry

while intelligent locks strive to make breakthroughs, there are also many changes in mechanical locks. There are more and more styles of hardware locks.

with the heating up of real estate and the acceleration of urban process, the consumer demand in the decorative hardware market has been greatly driven. Although a small decoration hardware is inconspicuous, the product function and style are more and more optimized and refined, with a wide variety of styles

there are more and more hardware locks. Many of them look more like a flower or a small animal, but their function is a lock. In the market, the popular civil locks are mainly spherical, three-bar round cover handle, embedded long cover door lock and lock body handle separated. Another trend that is most used in interior doors is access and auxiliary locks (the most important anti-theft function). The author learned from the market that the locks that are easy to buy at present are mainly brass, stainless steel and bronze on the surface, and the treatment of the surface color is mainly a combination of two color types. In terms of price, the door lock is generally more than 100 yuan, and the expensive one is 800 yuan or more; The interior lock is relatively cheap. You can buy a good lock for about 80 yuan. After reinstalling the software, copy the backup file to the new installation path and replace it

the future development direction of locks in China is:

1 Develop high-end locks

the market prospect of high-end locks is optimistic, because high-end locks have high technical content, more prominent humanization, personalized characteristics, liquidation and cleaning: so the product profit is also relatively high. We should increase investment in high-tech locks and promote the structural upgrading of China's lock industry

2. The implementation of famous brand strategy

well-known enterprises and brands in the lock industry can produce huge economic and social benefits. Now China's locks are facing more severe challenges, and competition has prompted enterprises to respond positively, making China move forward from a large country to a powerful country from lock production

3. Implement diversified development

lock enterprises should accurately position themselves and the market and implement diversified development. In the so-called field, we should design locks that meet the needs of the public and have personality, so as to avoid the fierce competition caused by the similarity with the public locks. In addition, enterprises should take the road of diversified market to avoid being affected by a certain factor and affecting the fundamental development of enterprises

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