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Yongkang Hardware coating industry transformation and upgrading road

Yongkang is a nationally famous "hardware capital of China", with obvious regional economic characteristics dominated by the hardware industry. As a necessary production link of some hardware products in Yongkang, the coating process will involve the emission of volatile organic compounds, which has become a major factor affecting the atmospheric environmental quality of Yongkang. In the past, restricted by the industrial level, more than 300 of Yongkang's 655 hardware coating enterprises did not build waste gas treatment facilities, which was strongly reflected by the masses, and even was once named by the central environmental protection supervision group. At the same time, it also restricted the overall optimization and upgrading of the hardware manufacturing industry and hindered the high-quality economic development of Yongkang

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whether from the perspective of environmental quality improvement or from the long-term perspective of sustained and high-quality economic development, the transformation and upgrading of Yongkang Hardware coating industry is imperative. In 2018, Yongkang organized the rectification focusing on VOCs, a hardware coating enterprise, established a list of pollution sources through a thorough survey, formulated industry regulation norms and technical guidelines, shut down and rectified a number of backward pollution production capacity, and promoted the rectification of the hardware coating industry. "Waste gas treatment in hardware coating industry" has become one of the top ten livelihood facts of Yongkang government in 2018

focus on both remediation and promotion. Since last year, Yongkang has vigorously promoted the use of water-soluble and low volatile solvents, guided enterprises in the research and development of organic solvent substitution, and greatly reduced VOCs pollution emissions, paint residues, end-of-life treatment investment and operating costs, sewage charges, etc., taking advantage of the opportunity to promote transformation through rectification, promote development through rectification, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the hardware coating industry

nowadays, business owners in Yongkang Hardware coating industry are no longer unfamiliar with VOCs. Some enterprises even use raw and auxiliary materials to replace them through source control, which greatly reduces the end treatment costs. Through R & D investment, Buyang group adopts electrostatic adsorption technology and the combination of special fine atomizing spray gun and nano modified resin powder, which not only reduces VOCs emissions, but also reduces the production of waste paint. Wang Li'an Defense Technology Co., Ltd. has gradually replaced oil-based paint with water-based paint, greatly reducing VOCs emissions from the source. More and more Yongkang are closer to the needs of China's textile fiber market. Enterprises in the hardware coating industry have begun to use experimental consequences. The output consequences can be set arbitrarily: maximum force value, elongation, water-soluble, low volatile solvents, which reduce VOCs Pollution Emissions and paint residue, and also save the costs of end treatment investment, operation costs, sewage charges, etc., achieving both environmental and economic benefits

through renovation, Yongkang Hardware coating industry has achieved industrial upgrading, the price of industrial products has increased significantly, and the output value of enterprises has increased instead of decreasing. According to the data provided by the statistics department, the total output value of Yongkang Hardware coating industry in 2018 increased by 15.1% compared with 2017

the ambient air quality has also been significantly improved. In 2018, the average PM2.5 of Yongkang was 36 micrograms/cubic meter, which was encouraging, with a year-on-year improvement of 14.28%. The ranking of counties and cities in the province rose from 54th in 2017 to 41st; The excellent and good rate of AQI was 87.4%, and there were no serious pollution and serious pollution days. In January this year, the average PM2.5 of Yongkang was 38 micrograms/cubic meter, an improvement of 15.6% year-on-year, ranking 38th among counties and cities in the province; The AQI excellent rate was 96.7%, with a year-on-year increase of 13.4 percentage fatigue crack growth test points, ranking 23rd in the province

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