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Adhering to independent development is the root of Valin's research and development of "Hanma power"

adhering to independent development is the root of Valin's research and development of "Hanma power"

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Guide: in the development process of China's heavy truck industry, in addition to FAW liberation, Dongfeng commercial vehicles, China heavy truck and other enterprises with a long production history, after the reform and opening up, a number of rising stars have emerged. Thanks to the rapid development of China's heavy truck market, emerging heavy truck enterprises have walked out of a difficult path through their own efforts

in the process of the development of China's heavy truck industry, in addition to FAW Jiefang, Dongfeng commercial vehicle, China heavy truck and other enterprises with a long history of production, after the opening of the fixed handle leather, a number of rising stars have emerged. Thanks to the rapid development of China's heavy truck market, emerging heavy truck enterprises have found a difficult but glorious road of independent development through their own efforts. Anhui Valin Automobile Co., Ltd. (Valin) is such an enterprise. Wang Yan'an, deputy general manager and senior engineer of Valin, was present at the "founding meeting of the expert advisory committee of China Automotive News" held by China Automotive News recently. As a veteran of this enterprise, Wang Yanan has a meaningful understanding of Valin's path of independent innovation

benefiting from Steyr heavy truck platform

"among the commercial vehicle enterprises established after the reform and opening up, the vast majority of enterprises have benefited from the development of China's automotive industry, especially the rapid development in the past 10 years, and have achieved self-improvement. Valin is no exception." Wang Yanan told

it is understood that before the 1980s, China's trucks "lacked weight and light". In 1983, in order to solve the problem of "lack of weight and less light", the state established a joint venture of China's heavy-duty automobile industry, and fully introduced the 91 series heavy-duty truck technology of Austrian Steyr company. "With the introduction of technology, a series of key assemblies such as Steyr engine, fuller transmission, Steyr axle and transmission shaft have entered China. This means that China's heavy-duty truck product technology has entered a new stage of rapid improvement." Wang Yan'an said, "it is precisely because of such rich parts resources in China that it has provided a solid technical platform for the later emergence of heavy commercial vehicle enterprises and laid a good foundation for future sustainable development."

in Wang Yan'an's view, the "hot" heavy truck market in previous years has a very important relationship with China's large-scale experimental conditions: infrastructure construction on a large scale. Not only the vehicle enterprises have developed rapidly, but also the supporting parts enterprises have benefited a lot. A number of independent parts enterprises with engines, transmissions, heavy axles, transmission shafts and other products as their main products have emerged in China. "As the domestic heavy truck demand is very strong and the supply is relatively insufficient, it provides a rare development opportunity for Valin." Wang Yan'an said

there is no contradiction between independent development and foreign cooperation

Wang Yan'an told that when he saw that the original intention of "market for technology" of China's passenger cars fell through, giving the foreign oil flowing market, but in return for the technology that has long been eliminated abroad, while the Chinese enterprises did not acquire and really master the core technology, Liu Hanru, chairman of Valin Xingma automobile group, made a decision at the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise: adhere to independent development and not waver

"some people may say that Valin is not the same as' learning from Japanese technology '? But I think that adhering to independent development does not exclude cooperation with foreign companies. We hope to control intellectual property rights in our own hands through holding shares when we jointly invest or cooperate with foreign enterprises. We cannot always follow the old road of introduction digestion re introduction re digestion." Wang Yanan's words are meaningful

recalling the initial stage when Valin was founded, Wang Yan'an said that many heavy truck enterprises had to introduce cabs and girders at the beginning, and when Valin started planning enterprises, cabs and girders were completely self-developed. After 2006, Valin started the axle project. In 2007, Valin products were basically equipped with self-developed heavy-duty axles with very low density. Seeing the success of the axle project, after investigation and demonstration, Valin launched the independent research and development project of engine and transmission in 2008. At present, the annual output of 50000 heavy truck engines can meet the National IV emission standard, and the production lines with upgraded national V and higher emission standards have been completed. As of the first half of this year, the engine "Hanma power" independently developed by Valin has been put on the market in small quantities, and it is expected that there will be a loading scale of 2000 units throughout the year. "Only when the enterprise is strong can the country be strong." Wang Yan'an said that Valin has reached the production and sales scale of more than 12000 units since it was put into operation in 2004. In the first half of this year, it went against the market and achieved the production and sales of about 15000 heavy trucks, higher than the production and sales of last year

see the gap and strengthen confidence

"with the development of China's truck industry in the past 10 years, the production and marketing scale and technical level have been improved to varying degrees. However, we must clearly see that there is still a gap between us and foreign well-known brands such as Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Mann and Scania." Wang Yan'an said, "the gap is mainly reflected in engine, transmission and axle noise control, as well as automotive electronics. But I believe that this gap will be smaller and smaller." Wang Yan'an has his own reasons. "In the past, our cooperation with foreign companies was mainly about introduction, not digestion. With the rapid development of domestic equipment industry in recent years, although we still have a gap with foreign technology, we have basically digested most of the introduced technology. After a few years, the gap between us and foreign manufacturers will be smaller."

at the same time, he also said that the reduction of the gap could not be achieved without the encouragement of policies. Heavy commercial vehicle is an industry deeply influenced by national policies. In his view, it is an indisputable fact that the European and American automobile industry has a long history of development, and commercial vehicle enterprises have a large number of advanced technologies and are in a dominant position. In the face of strong competitors, independent brand enterprises have to confront them, which is irrational. The relevant departments of our government should give more guidance and protection to enterprises that adhere to independent development and independent brands, as the governments of European and American countries do. Otherwise, domestic enterprises will compete with international "giants" and fight with others only by relying on low-cost advantages. This is certainly not a sustainable development path

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