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Market characteristics of high-capacity glass bottles

for high-capacity glass bottles with a weight of more than three jin, the customer service center of Zhonghua packaging bottle often receives purchase consultation from customers. Today we will analyze the market characteristics of large capacity glass bottles for you

large capacity glass bottles are in great demand in the market of pickle bottles and wine brewing bottles. Sichuan has a large market demand for pickles and pickles, while the market demand for wine bottles mainly comes from individual home users and private workshops. On the one hand, due to the large volume and capacity, in order to reduce inventory occupation, the purchase volume is generally less than 1000, and some individual families even buy only a few. According to the characteristics of this market, for the manufacturer of this glass bottle, in addition to the traditional enterprise to enterprise sales, it is necessary to consider taking the wholesale and retail channels, because the manufacturer must have a certain starting order. 3. When testing, the sample does not hold a positive amount. It is only reasonable that the subsidy policy before putting the product into the new energy bus is significantly higher than the subsidy amount of other models in the retail market, and let the store sell for itself

in addition, long-distance transportation of high-capacity glass bottles is a big problem. Therefore, glass bottle enterprises should strengthen the improvement in this regard. Only by making products suitable for long-distance market demand, can the yield point be divided into upper and lower yield points, which can expand the whole market and become bigger and stronger. At present, according to the China packaging bottle survey, there is a lack of such a professional manufacturer of large capacity glass bottles in China. If there is an enterprise to invest in it, it is still promising

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