The most popular way to absorb haze is to eat eart

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After smoking haze, you have to eat earth. Instruments and equipment track the pace of haze.

recently, the haze that lasted for nearly a week has made people wear masks. According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, with the cold air in the north, there will be not only smog, but also more dust pollutants. Taking this opportunity, southerners will have the opportunity to witness the "grand scene" of fog, haze and dust

according to the integral starting solution, there are great differences between haze and fog, except that they can cause visual range obstacles. Fog is composed of condensation of water vapor, which can evaporate and dissipate under the irradiation of the sun. Haze is composed of dust, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and other suspended particles, which will be suspended in the air for a long time when combined with fog, making the weather gloomy. At the same time, the particles in haze are also the carrier of toxic substances such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals. It can be seen that when people inhale haze, their bodies will be greatly damaged

at present, for the prevention and control of haze, China has mainly adopted many schemes, such as controlling pollution and dust control in key industries, developing green transportation, optimizing industrial structure, and developing energy-saving and environmental protection industries. However, in the face of the existing air pollution phenomenon, people can only strive to reduce air pollution and purify the air at the same time, so as to "understand, know and prevent early". Therefore, in order to protect human life, health and safety, various science and technology have been used in haze monitoring and prevention, and relevant instruments and equipment have emerged

referring to the special instruments for haze detection on the market, there are countless types. All kinds of laser dust meters, handheld haze monitors, and dust monitors are efficient instruments for detecting and monitoring haze in the air. Among them, the dust monitor is composed of particle monitor, meteorological parameter sensor and other parts, and integrates technologies such as data acquisition and information interaction, which can realize the monitoring of ambient air quality in sand and gravel fields, construction sites and other areas

the handheld haze monitor, which appeared in June this year, shows its advantage of simplifying. It is reported that the instrument overcomes the shortcomings of complex operation and prone to errors in the past, adopts an optical calculation method, and can realize the direct reading of haze monitoring data

in addition, it is worth mentioning that the "gaogao-5" satellite (also known as hyperspectral observation satellite) successfully launched by Shanxi Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in May this year also has haze detection so that the trainers can master the operation, adjustment and basic troubleshooting of the experimental machine. It is reported that the "gaogao-5" satellite is equipped with a variety of instruments and equipment, such as full spectrum spectral imaging detector, atmospheric main greenhouse gas detector, visible short wave infrared hyperspectral camera, trace gas differential absorption spectrometer, atmospheric aerosol multi angle polarization detector, etc., which can monitor the land, water and atmosphere of a certain region with high precision in remote space, Therefore, the project is to check the pollution and the specific composition of substances that meet the new utilization requirements when the experimental motor and control system are started. This means that the successful launch of "gaogao-5" will also effectively fill the gap that domestic satellites cannot effectively detect regional air pollution gases


looking back on the past, we can still remember the terrible haze pollution events in history, such as the photochemical haze event in the United States, the haze event in the MAS River Valley in Belgium, and the haze event in London. With the passage of time, haze control has gradually become one of the focuses of environmental governance in China. The application of high-tech such as hyperspectral observation satellites has also proved the determination of the country to control smog. As ordinary people, we should also choose greener and environmentally friendly travel modes and daily necessities in our daily life, so as to help environmental protection. In addition, on the day of haze, it is also essential to do a good job in self-protection and isolate haze from earth outside the mouth and nose

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