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Market competition strategy of small and medium-sized enterprises

market competition characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises

market competition occurs geographically in China, which has extremely uneven economic development and a vast territory; The opponent is extremely strong; The strength of small and medium-sized enterprises is extremely weak. On the battlefield, in order to win the war, the war commander needs to understand the enemy's commander, number of people, morale, equipment and the overall situation, and then compare the situation of his own side. At the same time, he needs to understand the geography, environment and other elements of the war. Only after these works are completed, can he have a greater grasp of winning. Sun Tzu's "know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated in a hundred battles" is this truth. Similarly, in order to preserve, develop and expand themselves in the cruel market competition, small and medium-sized enterprises need to do the following work, so as to formulate a feasible market competition strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises

there is no right to speak without investigation. This is the truth of any competition, including war. In the market competition, the correct deployment and plan of enterprises come from the correct determination (decision), the correct determination comes from the correct judgment, and the correct judgment comes from the necessary and thorough investigation. Before formulating their own strategies, our small and medium-sized enterprises need to make great efforts to investigate the current market situation and competitors, collect data in this regard, and use professional means to eliminate the rough and extract the essence, eliminate the false and retain the true of the collected data and information, from here to there, from the outside to the inside, sort and digest, so as to draw an objective, practical and accurate conclusion

2. Evaluate yourself correctly and comprehensively

knowing your friend but neglecting your opponent will make mistakes. Similarly, knowing your opponent but neglecting your confidant will also make big mistakes. Many people may think: how can you not know yourself? Yes, many enterprise leaders do not have a thorough understanding of their own enterprises. Some people think that their enterprises are no worse than industry leaders. For example, they have an improper prejudice against their products that "how beautiful their children look"; On the contrary, some people think that their enterprises are difficult to compete with leading brands in all aspects. They have excessive inferiority complex and are ugly duckling in every way. Neither of the above two is a thorough examination of oneself, nor a realistic view of oneself, which is unacceptable

3. Consumer research

consumer research includes the classification of consumer levels in the industry, and the research of consumers at all levels, such as geography, income, age, occupation, key purchase considerations, etc. Here we need to emphasize that after the completion of enterprise positioning, we should focus on more in-depth observation and Research on consumers matching the enterprise positioning

the market competition strategy needs to be implemented in stages

(1) the four stages of the market strategy: Strategic Defense stage, strategic stalemate stage, strategic counter offensive stage, polished samples and polishing discs should be suppressed on the polishing discs in parallel and evenly, and the strategic offensive stage

war manufacturers need to use packaging testing instruments to carry out strict testing before shipment. In the strategic defense stage and the strategic stalemate stage, they need to concentrate superior forces (human and resources) to carry out offensive tactics in defense. At the same time, they need to defeat their competitors in the local market (geographically, or a certain type of consumer), occupy the majority of the local market, "sports war" (local annihilation tactics), and keep abreast of their competitors in the local market, In the "guerrilla warfare" (partial annihilation and partial consumptive tactics) that followed closely and coveted it,

in recent years,

in the strategic counter offensive stage and the strategic offensive stage, small and medium-sized enterprises have grown up smoothly, and are equal to their competitors in strength, but the competitive momentum is like a rainbow, and they can compete with their competitors head-on. At this time, large-scale, national market attack tactics can be adopted to carry out an all-round market offensive ("Fortress war", "positional war") against competitors

(2) precautions in the strategic stage of small and medium-sized enterprises: initiative, flexibility and planning

we know that market competition is the competition between the two sides in terms of products, technology, human resources, capital resources, channel resources, etc. These are objective conditions. In addition to these, there are subjective competition planning. Market planners plan on the basis of objective conditions and do not expect the success of planning schemes that exceed the objective and actual conditions of the enterprise. However, Excellent planners can constantly direct wonderful dramas on the stage based on objective and practical conditions. Initiative, flexibility and planning are the magic weapons for excellent planners and excellent small and medium-sized enterprises to succeed

initiative: initiative means that our small and medium-sized enterprises should be good at taking the initiative in the whole market competition and should not be led by competitors, "said the person in charge of the industrial park. However, initiative and passivity are the result of absolute advantages and absolute disadvantages. Only when small and medium-sized enterprises obtain advantages can they grasp the initiative in the market competition. How can small and medium-sized enterprises in the situation of absolute disadvantages win the initiative? The transformation of local advantages and disadvantages, that is, concentrate the superior "forces" to obtain absolute competitive advantage in local areas

flexibility: we don't force the invincible generals in the market competition, just like we don't force the invincible generals in the war. We only need the generals with strategic victory. To achieve the strategic victory in the market competition, it depends on the wonderful planning and implementation of each plan in the competition, that is, the flexibility of the plan to the use of enterprise resources

planning: establish in advance and discard without advance. In market competition, although initiative and flexibility are very important, initiative and flexibility are not blind. Planning can regularize and target initiative and flexibility. However, the reality of market competition is changeable. It is common for our plans to make small changes in the implementation of reality, and large changes are not uncommon. The plan must not become a rigid constraint

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