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Market characteristics and development strategies of China's automotive coatings

market characteristics and development strategies of China's automotive coatings

January 6, 2013

[China coating information] with the joint venture of the car industry and the introduction of products, world-renowned automotive coating manufacturers (such as PPG, DuPont, BASF, Kansai, Nippon, etc.) have been encouraged to invest in China. Establish a joint venture or wholly-owned automobile coating company to become the main supplier of car coatings. And with the introduction of cars, almost from which country to introduce car products, it is necessary to adopt the paint system for cars from which country. In other words, the high-end automotive coating market is almost occupied by foreign brands

state owned paint enterprises (companies), the main suppliers of the original automotive paint, traded the market for technology and capital. After the joint venture, some withdrew from the automotive paint market and even were eliminated; Although some have retained the original market, due to inflexible mechanism, weak technology development ability, unable to keep up with pre-sales and after-sales service, heavy historical burden, coupled with the loss of technical backbones, the market continues to shrink, and now only occupies a small share in the coating market for commercial vehicles (trucks and passenger cars), agricultural vehicles and motorcycles

with the transformation of state-owned enterprises and scientific research institutions, private (including Hong Kong funded and Taiwan funded) automotive coating companies (factories) with flexible mechanisms have emerged, occupying a certain proportion of the automotive coating market, and some independent brand products have high recognition in the market. For example, the automobile coating products of Zhongshan Bridge, Weixin paint (Shenzhen), Shanghai jinlitai, Changzhou fulam, Dongguan Youli and other companies

with the rapid development of the car industry and the increase of car ownership, automotive repair coatings and coatings have also formed an industry in China. In the early 1990s, almost all car repair coatings were imported. Now, the annual sales volume of car repair coatings is about 40000 tons, and independent brands account for 70%; Foreign automotive repair coatings have also been forced to start localization to reduce costs

based on the fact that automotive coatings should have high-quality coating performance and coating construction performance suitable for mass flow production, automotive coatings have high technical content, many varieties, large dosage and high output value, and have long become a special coating in industrial coatings, which represents the technical level of a national coating industry. In developed countries of automotive industry, automotive coatings account for 15% - 20% of the total output of coatings. For example, the total output of coatings in Japan in 2004 was 1.848 million tons, of which automotive coatings accounted for 19.7% (15.99% of new car coatings and 3.71% of repair coatings). In 2005, the output of automobiles in China was 5.7 million, the number of automobiles was 30-32 million, and the sales volume of automotive coatings was about 240000 tons, accounting for about 6.5% of the total output of coatings

in addition to cathodic electrophoretic coatings, the middle coat and top coat (base color paint + finish paint) are still organic solvent based coatings with high VOC content in China's automotive coatings. In the past two years alone, five new body painting lines (Shanghai GM, Tianjin FAW Toyota, Wuhan Honda, Guangzhou Toyota and Honda) of the joint venture car company have been put into production and have adopted water-based primer. Powder coatings are also only used for coating automotive parts

the mode of supply has changed from the production of paint under the planned economy in the past to the delivery of paint to the chemical station. Even if the task is completed, it has changed to the mode of bidding, bidding, direct supply by the paint factory according to the law of market economy, and the mode of after-sales service has been strengthened. In recent years, the system supply mode has been developed, from the settlement based on the amount of paint to the settlement based on the qualified coating finished products. Automobile coating production management is developing in the direction of professional subcontracting management, that is, the coating workshop production of automobile factory is jointly managed by automobile factory, coating factory, coating equipment factory or special management company. For example, joint ventures such as Hunan Kansai, Tianjin PPG and Shanghai BASF have signed contracts for multiple painting lines (workshops) with relevant automobile factories according to the above model to manage the production of painting lines and settle accounts according to qualified painting products. This supply concludes that rapid pyrolysis, depolymerization and gasification of biological resources will provide significant economic benefits and professional subcontracting management mode for plastic film recycling in the next 10 years, which is conducive to coating companies or suppliers to directly obtain first-hand application information feedback and carry out product improvement. In addition, according to the settlement method of qualified coating finished products, the coating manufacturers are urged to pay more attention to the targeted optimization of coating performance, the coating efficiency (effective utilization rate of coating) and the one-time qualification rate of coating. No longer as in the past, the coating factory does not care about the coating cost, but hopes that the higher the coating material consumption, the better (the thicker the coating, the higher the repair rate, the better)

1. Unify understanding, change ideas, and open the way for independent innovation

from the articles in professional journals, I feel that the coating industry values coating and ignores coating; Repeated introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation can not keep up; The general understanding of the importance and complexity of automotive coatings and coatings, lack of systematic understanding, etc. Before talking about the strategy of expanding and strengthening independent brands, we need to unify the following understanding and establish new ideas

2. In the combination of coating and painting, we should take the road of integration of coating and painting

the domestic coating industry has neglected the coating process for a long time, and coating research institutes and coating plants do not set up coating application (coating) laboratories. In the planned economy, painting is considered to be the business of users, and the sales and after-sales service personnel also lack painting professional knowledge. Since the market economy, although the after-sales service has been strengthened, it is still a weak link compared with joint ventures. An old expert who has been engaged in the development and research of automotive coatings for more than 40 years, With deep experience, he said: "in recent years, the country has opened its doors, and has more contact with the coatings and coatings of developed countries. He feels deeply that Chinese people still have serious deficiencies in the combination of coatings and coatings. The construction performance of our coatings is much worse than that of developed countries. Coating workers should know more about coating, improve the coating process and improve the construction performance of coatings"

coating is the finished product of the coating company, but it is not the terminal product. Automotive coating is the raw material of automobile manufacturers. It becomes the terminal product only when it is coated on the automobile and becomes the coating (film). High quality and qualified coatings often fail to obtain satisfactory and qualified coatings due to improper construction. In recent years, the systematic supply mode, professional management mode and the settlement mode of painting finished products according to the qualification have achieved the integration of coating and painting. The products of coating companies are no longer coatings, but coatings

scientific and technological personnel (units) engaged in coating research and development should not only be proficient in coating manufacturing technology, but also be familiar with coating technology. From the beginning of designing the coating formula, we should consider the needs of users (technical requirements of the coating, coating conditions, cost performance, etc.). Through the test, we can recommend the coating process, guide users to make good use of the coating, achieve pre-sales service (Advanced Development) and after-sales service, master the first-hand information of the coating site, constantly improve the coating performance, and take the market as the guide, integrate the scientific and technological progress of similar products at home and abroad, and continuously launch upgraded products

fortunately, among the key technology development projects of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" development goal of the coating industry, 6 are related to the development and research of coating technology. This has laid a good foundation for establishing the concept of "integration of coating and coating"

3. Straighten out the relationship between introduction and independent innovation

in the past 20 years, China's automotive industry and automotive coating industry have constantly set off a new climax of introduction and cooperation. Introduced projects abound, joint venture automobile companies and joint-venture wholly-owned coating companies bloom everywhere, and world-famous automobile companies and automotive coating companies have entered the Chinese market. In the period of lack of capital and technology, the strategy of exchanging market for technology and capital is correct and in line with the thinking of reform and opening up. In the context of economic globalization and regional integration, it is difficult to separate the national from the world. However, relying on the introduction all the time, without innovation or without its own brand, is to be controlled and bullied by others; How to realize independent innovation on the basis of introduction, digestion and absorption, and make the introduced technology become the booster of independent innovation has become a common topic in the coating industry. The household appliance industry has expanded itself on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing technology. It not only has its own brand and occupies the domestic market, but also has the development experience of going abroad, which is worth learning from all industries

China's automobile industry has also begun to embark on the road of introduction, absorption and re innovation. For example, Tianjin FAW Xiali, a state-owned enterprise with a history of 20 years, although also carrying a heavy historical burden, began its independent research and development on this basis after the localization of Xiali in the 1990s, and became the overlord of the economic car market for many years. The healthy and rapid development of enterprises is to adhere to independent innovation and overcome the difficulties of core technology. B) after formal production, raw materials, processes with high-speed computing ability and other major changes may affect product performance;, The formation of independent system research and development capabilities, and market-oriented, the continuous introduction of upgraded products

the idea of Dongfeng Automobile's independent innovation is to look inside and outside the group, at home and abroad, find all available resources, absorb and integrate all advanced technological achievements for our use, and carry out integrated innovation, absorption, digestion, re innovation and original innovation on this basis

make the joint venture play an important role in the new round of independent innovation

some domestic automobile companies spend money to jointly design and develop cars with "independent intellectual property rights" with well-known foreign design companies. There are different views on this way of cooperation. It is called "with property rights but no knowledge", which can not really represent the R & D ability of enterprises

the situation of China's automotive coating enterprises (especially state-owned enterprises) is very similar to that of Tianjin FAW Xiali, and they should also take the road of introduction, digestion, absorption and re innovation. Form independent system research and development capabilities, and continuously launch upgraded products guided by the market. On the basis of independent innovation, we should take the imported technology as the booster, take the products, technology and management mode of the joint venture as the goal of catching up, and integrate all advanced technological achievements for our use

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