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Market demand analysis of magnesia dolomite refractories

at present, combined mg Cr2O3 bricks and directly combined mg Cr2O3 bricks are the main materials of AOD furnaces and large cement kiln firing belts in China. This kind of brick has the characteristics of high load softening temperature, high temperature strength and good high temperature volume stability. However, when mg Cr2O3 brick is used as lining of AOD furnace and large cement kiln, it can bring environmental pollution; Discontinuous erosion and poor spalling resistance; Chromium in mg Cr2O3 bricks will be absorbed by molten steel, which makes it difficult to control the Cr content in chromium containing molten steel; At the same time, domestic chromite resources are poor, the grade is low, the content of harmful impurity SiO2 is high, and the price is also high

considering resources and environment, almost all AOD furnaces in Europe, Japan and other countries use magnesium dolomite refractories as furnace lining materials. In the future, refractory materials that pollute the environment will no longer be produced and imports will be restricted. With China's entry into WTO, the quality level of national environmental protection and the requirements for the environment will also be higher and higher. At the same time, considering the limited resources, especially the downside risks of the economy and the need for long-term development, environmentally friendly products will become the mainstream in the future

large enterprises in China's iron and steel industry, such as Baosteel, the fifth plant of Shanghai Iron and Steel Group, and the building materials industry, 2 have introduced magnesium dolomite refractories to replace magnesium chrome bricks from Germany's wolffa company, citing standard Huaxin Cement Plant, Fujian Shunchang cement plant, and Liuzhou cement plant. In recent years, the application of magnesia dolomite refractories in steel making and cement industry has been increasing. At present, the consumption of iron and steel enterprises such as Baosteel, TISCO, Nantong special steel, Shanggang No. 5 plant and great wall special steel is about 20000 tons. It is mainly distributed in Shanghai, Zhejiang and TISCO. With the increasing proportion of smelting stainless steel and various special steels, the demand for magnesium dolomite refractories will be increasing, and the market prospect is very broad

at present, magnesia dolomite refractories are widely used in large-scale cement kiln firing zones in foreign countries, and have achieved good results. There are 35 cement plants with a daily output of more than 2000 tons and 50 large rotary kilns in China, mainly including Jidong Cement Plant, conch group, Huaxin Cement Plant, Fujian Shunchang cement plant, Xinjiang cement plant, Jiangxi cement plant, etc. If all large cement kilns with a daily output of more than 2000 tons use magnesium dolomite refractories, the annual consumption is about 25000 tons. The total annual demand of domestic AOD furnaces and cement kilns is about 45000 tons. In addition, the international market has great potential, and we are in a great advantage in price. With the rising price of plastic chemical raw materials for the production of magnesium dolomite, fire materials can replace imports

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