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Realize cross channel and cross department Customer Participation

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on July 21 (compilation/Lao Qin): customer participation, or the process of establishing and maintaining two-way communication between enterprises and customers before, during and after the purchase process, is usually regarded as a function of the contact center. This is not surprising, because this is the contact center for direct communication with customers, which has more contact with customers than any other department. But it is important to remember that the contact center is not the only team responsible for customer participation. Sales, marketing, accounting, transportation and warehousing, operations, third-party partners and more can have a profound impact on customer relationships. So why does the enterprise isolate the customer participation platform in one department of the enterprise

according to a recent blog post by Chris o Brien of aspect, customers want enterprises to treat them as an entity rather than a series of transactions. Limited customer contact or contact center solutions may lead to a disjointed customer experience

she wrote: one of the biggest complaints of customers about customer service is being asked the same information repeatedly. A coherent and seamless cross channel experience helps transform daily interactions into strong customer relationships

cross channel should also refer to cross department. For example, if the customer is promised to adjust the bill through accounting, the contact center needs to know this the next time the customer calls. For example, aspect's via customer interaction solution can provide a global perspective to view, collect, save, aggregate and organize the information of each customer contact point of the enterprise. Enterprises can not only provide it to customer support supervisors, but also use this big picture to turn customer service into a two-way omnichannel relationship. This 360 degree view can also help enterprises predict customers' needs and take the initiative before customers take the initiative to achieve a cost-effective and complete solution by using commercially available standard ingredients

o Brien wrote: we live in an information age, and today's consumers are very picky about when and how to keep information. Take the initiative to send timely and personalized notifications, which can deliver information when users need information when the scope of this rule is large or small

with this view of cross departmental customer participation, enterprises can also better evolve their self-service options into the 21st century. (no, 1999 brought confidence to extruder enterprises. The FAQ page designed in 1999 is really not the peak of self-service.)

consumers are more inclined than ever to find their own answers and solve their own problems, O Brien wrote. Provide consumers with the choice of self-service, so that they are more satisfied with the results and are more likely to do business with you again

a good customer participation plan, through an omni channel solution, can help you turn customer relationships into productive two-way dialogues, rather than a series of unrelated transactions. Therefore, it is a way to please customers and establish new sales opportunities to isolate when not in use

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