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Qian Yi: the way of green development of "paper media" in the era of all media

on July 25, the 2019 China printing industry innovation conference hosted by the national publishing administration opened in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this innovation conference is "focus on green". As an important activity in the same period of the conference, the China Paper Association, the China Newspaper Association The "paper and printing integration development forum" hosted by China United Printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was also held in Beijing that afternoon

the paper and printing integration development forum takes "green, innovation, integration and development" as the theme. Qian Yi, vice president and Secretary General of China Paper Association, delivered a speech with the theme of "green development and outlook of the paper industry". He believes that this sub forum is not only a cooperative move between upstream and downstream industries in the traditional sense, but also an opportunity to discuss the development path of "paper media" products in the era of all media

paper is the accumulation of long-term experience and the crystallization of wisdom of the Chinese working people. As one of the four great inventions in ancient China, papermaking with a water injection nozzle on the cover is undoubtedly the most important revolution in writing materials. Paper plays an important role in the transmission of history. The external dissemination of papermaking has promoted the exchange of world culture and affected the development process of world civilization. It is a great contribution of our Chinese nation in the history of human cultural dissemination and civilization development

70 years after the founding of new China and 40 years of reform and opening up, China's paper industry has created an unprecedented development miracle. The paper production has increased from more than 100000 tons to more than 100 million tons at present, completely bidding farewell to the era of paper relying on "foreign paper" for a long time. The development of paper industry ensures the economic development and the growth of people's good life. Qian Yi put forward the following four views on the integrated development of upstream and downstream in the paper industry

first, paper industry is an industry with natural green attributes and characteristics of circular economy

papermaking raw materials mainly come from plants, which have innate green properties and are renewable resources. Pulping and papermaking takes natural plant fibers as raw materials. The pulping process is mainly to extract fibers to form pulp, and the raw materials used are mainly recycled waste. These plant fibers are used to produce pulp and paper, and then recycled to the paper mill. Paper products not only have the advantage of recycling, but also have the function of carbon sequestration, which can form forest carbon sink. Its green attribute is obvious

at present, the raw materials used in papermaking and the solid, gaseous and liquid wastes discharged in the production process can be basically recycled, forming a complete green industrial system with recyclable resources, low energy consumption, low emissions and the realization of natural carbon cycle, which lays the foundation for the papermaking industry to take the road of circular economy, green economy and low-carbon economy

second, the green and sustainable development of the paper industry

every powerful country has a strong paper industry. The paper industry continues to grow steadily, driving the development of upstream industries and promoting the application of downstream industries. It has gathered trillions of social capital to provide society with all kinds of paper products with a total amount of about one quarter of the world, which has played a driving and promoting role in the development of upstream and downstream industries

since the reform and opening up, through the hard work of papermakers, China's paper industry has continued to develop steadily and has become the largest paper producer and consumer. The continuous and stable growth of China's paper industry has become the biggest driving force for the sustainable development of the global paper industry, and has driven the development of forestry, equipment, chemical industry, environmental protection and other related industries

in the development process of the paper industry, through the construction of advanced production lines and accelerating the elimination of backward production capacity and other effective measures, actively introduce new technologies and equipment, optimize the raw material structure, extend the industrial chain of circular economy, achieve the maximum recycling of water resources, chemical industry, raw materials and energy through reduction, reuse, recycling and other ways, reduce the water consumption per unit product, and minimize the external discharge of wastewater. It improves the efficiency of energy utilization, reduces environmental pollution and improves the ecological environment. At present, the technology and equipment level of more than 70% of the production capacity of the industry has reached the international advanced or even leading level

the paper industry adheres to ecological priority and the development of "green paper", advocates the concept of "no paper without environmental protection", strengthens ecosystem protection, actively improves the quality of ecological environment, and is committed to the sustainable development of the paper industry

third, papermaking and printing are interdependent and integrated

the invention and application of paper have promoted the great development of social civilization. The construction of socialist culture, education and spiritual civilization cannot be separated from the establishment of an industrial chain service platform and the development of papermaking, printing, publishing and other industries. As the carrier of knowledge dissemination, cultural paper plays a due role in cultural construction and cultural inheritance

paper making and printing are two interdependent industries. Printing and packaging materials based on paper and paperboard not only provide protection for industrial and agricultural production and people's material and spiritual life, but also provide effective protection for a variety of products, and have the functions of convenient transportation, brand building and image promotion. In China's export commodities, paper and paperboard packaging plays an important role

judging from the current environment of the country's physical manufacturing industry, both industries are facing a severe situation of heavy structural adjustment tasks, continuous strengthening of rigid constraints on environmental protection, kinetic energy conversion, and huge pressure on scientific and technological innovation. Therefore, deepening the supply side structural reform, implementing the innovation driven strategy, achieving high-quality development, and building a strong papermaking and printing country have become the focus of the papermaking and printing industry at present and in the future. In the future, digitalization, intellectualization, greening and integration will be the inevitable trend of the development of the two industries

fourth, the supply side structural reform and sustainable development outlook of the paper industry

the current major social contradictions in China point out the direction for the sustainable development of the paper industry and provide a broad space for sustainable development in the future. Facing new opportunities and challenges, the paper industry will focus on the supply side structural reform, improve the productivity level of the industry, change the development mode, shift from quantitative growth to quality growth, further improve the quality of development and economic benefits, and achieve healthy, rational, peaceful and stable development

the paper industry will continue to follow the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", give full play to the advantages of the paper industry that are green, low-carbon and recyclable, create a healthy industrial value chain, shape a green and sustainable industrial image, and make the social image of the industry widely recognized by all sectors of society. Carry forward traditional culture, promote education and social undertakings, and the operation steps of our equipment may not be completely consistent with other equipment exhibitions

by enhancing innovation ability, promoting industrial optimization and upgrading, cultivating new competitiveness, and building a sustainable scientific and technological innovation, resource-saving and environment-friendly green paper industry in line with China's national conditions, we will achieve the goal of green sustainable development of China's paper industry

finally, Qian Yi pointed out that through the close integration of the publishing industry and the paper industry, we should strengthen cultural confidence, do a good job in the party's policy publicity, convey the aspirations of the people, meet the needs of readers, and jointly inject new vitality into "paper media" products to promote the prosperity of socialist culture. Never forget the original intention, forge ahead, unswervingly follow the path of optimizing the structure, transforming the growth momentum and high-quality development in the new era, and make new and greater contributions to the brilliant future of the paper industry and printing industry, and to the better life of the people of the whole country

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