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Some figures show that among the aquatic products exported by China, the loss caused by unqualified packaging is nearly 7 billion US dollars every year. Businesses should attach great importance to the export of water products

the total investment is 500 million yuan. At present, some technical standards on packaging will even be harsh enough to become a trade barrier for products that are difficult to be produced in stages across multiple links from printing experimental reports to final products, causing disaster to export enterprises. Nowadays, some countries have increased the packaging inspection standards of aquatic products from several or more items to dozens, and some indicators have even been refined to the printing level of packaging. For example, as long as a label is missing on the package, even if the quality is excellent, it will still be returned. Therefore, export-oriented enterprises must take the packaging quality of aquatic products as a major event. While striving to expand the export of aquatic products, we should pay attention to drawing lessons from and introducing foreign advanced processing and packaging equipment and other hardware facilities. At the same time, we should actively develop packaging technology and software, use advanced preservation, anti-corrosion, transportation, processing and packaging technologies, change the current situation of losses to enterprises due to poor packaging, and strive to improve the added value of products

in addition, in view of the existing "packaging barriers", we should constantly understand the new trends of packaging at home and abroad, study and explore new packaging materials, new processes and new technologies at home and abroad. We should not only pay attention to collecting the new requirements for packaging in the international market, especially the technical inspection regulations, packaging requirements and standards for export commodities, but also study and understand the environmental protection requirements of the importing country for packaging, as well as the traditional cultural customs and patterns of the importing country Words and their taboo requirements, so as to "watch the guests and serve the dishes"

although the package is small, it can make a big article. Whether it is aseptic packaging of aquatic products, shipping packaging, or even "live fish" packaging, as long as we give full play to various functions of packaging, it will certainly promote the export of aquatic products, enhance the economic value of aquatic products, promote the development of aquatic industry, and make aquatic product packaging industry a new bright spot of economic development

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