The production development of Guangxi Jingui pulp

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Guangxi golden pulp & Paper Industry Co., Ltd. is the core of green pulp & paper industry development, and Guangxi golden pulp & Paper Packaging Co., Ltd.

as one of the top 20 papermaking enterprises in China, a high-tech enterprise and an intelligent factory demonstration enterprise in the autonomous region, from January to October this year, the company's pulp output, paper output and output value increased by 10.5%, 14.8% and 5.6% respectively year-on-year, and all indicators showed a steady growth trend. While focusing on production development, the company is committed to high-quality development and pays attention to energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. The company has invested 1.02 billion yuan in the construction of environmental protection facilities

in 2017, the company obtained the first new pollution discharge permit of Qinzhou City. In 2018, China entered the first collection period of environmental protection tax. The company actively cooperated with the national environmental protection tax collection and became the first taxpayer to declare environmental protection tax in Qinzhou port area. The company has continuously improved the treatment level of "three wastes". The emission concentration index of waste gas pollutants is more than 50% lower than the national standard limit, and the emission concentration index of waste water pollutants is 30% lower than the national standard limit. The discharged waste gas and waste water receive 50% and 25% reduction of environmental protection tax respectively

in terms of wastewater treatment, the wastewater produced by the company's chemical mechanical pulp production line is treated by the alkali recovery system, which greatly reduces the load of pollutants that need to be treated in the wastewater treatment station. By carrying out water-saving improvement activities, the company has greatly reduced the clean water consumption and wastewater discharge of the whole production line, and the discharged wastewater has been reduced from 60000 cubic meters per day to about 43000 cubic meters now. At present, the company is actively applying for the honorary title of national water-saving enterprise

in terms of waste gas treatment, the company has successively carried out desulfurization and denitration technical transformation and ultra-low emission transformation, and made great efforts to promote waste gas emission reduction. Now, the smoke exhaust of the boiler of the self provided thermal power station meets the requirements of the national ultra-low emission standard

the company installs monitoring equipment at each pollutant discharge outlet, which is monitored by the environmental protection department in real time. The company also installed an electronic display screen at the gate to disclose environmental protection information in real time and accept social supervision

led by scientific and technological innovation, the project of "technology R & D and application demonstration of recycling and reuse of single mechanical pulp wastewater" has won the scientific progress award of the autonomous region and Qinzhou City. "Pulping heat energy recovery and utilization device", "pretreatment method of chemical mechanical pulp waste liquid", "method of desulfurization of coal slime fluidized bed boiler with paper mill sludge and white mud" and other patents are closely related to daily environmental protection work. The company adheres to the concept of green and sustainable development and believes that it will make greater contributions to the rapid development of automation, intelligence and informatization, which is the representative essence of "higher, faster and stronger"


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