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Six highlights of mainstream wp8 smartphone lumia 820

in September last year, Nokia released two windows phone 8 Platform intelligences, of which lumia 920 is for the flagship market and lumia 820 is for the mainstream market. Compared with the lumia 920, the lumia 820 has a relatively low configuration, but it also has a variety of features. These features highlight the high cost performance of the lumia 820

among the features of lumia 820, the following six points are quite eye-catching. They are not even available on many flagship

wireless charging

similar to lumia 920, Nokia lumia 820 supports wireless charging technology. The difference is that lumia 820 requires a base to realize wireless charging. At present, there are three types of bases available for lumia 820, including standard lying down, cushion type and vertical type

the most practical aspect of wireless charging is that in a busy office day, we don't need to plug it into the power supply frequently. We can realize real-time wireless charging by simply putting it away

removable rear cover

we know that the rear cover of lumia 920 is not removable, but lumia has set a motto for itself, 820 has a removable rear cover. The advantage is that after we get tired of seeing a color, we can easily change the rear cover of advanced rail transit equipment material color instead of changing it

panoramic navigation

the navigation we usually contact is basically flat, that is, we view the world from a overlooking perspective, which is somewhat different from our daily perspective. The lumia 820 has a built-in panoramic navigation function. As long as we hold it up, like taking photos, the system can automatically locate it, and tell us which restaurants and leisure places are available for us to choose in the picture, And how far away from us in the field of vision

smart photographing

in fact, 7. Smart photographing with customer setting function in Nokia lumia 820 includes two different application modes. One is to take multiple photos continuously, from which we can select the most satisfactory one. The other is to delete unnecessary background characters in the photos. This function is especially suitable for the scene in which group photos are taken. We can first select the most suitable one, and then remove the redundant background characters

making interesting motion pictures

motion pictures are actually GIF format pictures, which we often see on, and the motion pictures that lumia 820 can make are quite different. First of all, we can naturally make a moving picture in which the whole picture is moving. At the same time, we can also make a moving picture that is more like a static picture, that is, most of the places in the picture are not moving, and only the prominent positions on the picture are moving. At the same time, we can make the GIF picture more photographic

built in communication firewall

for Chinese users, the problem of SMS harassment is very serious. On Android, we can solve it by installing software. However, on the wp8 platform, the application resources are not so rich. At this time, the filtering of incoming SMS depends more on the strength of the manufacturer. Nokia has built-in incoming call and SMS firewall in lumia 820, which can realize filtering without installing any software. This is also the only feature supported by wp8 platform at present

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