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It is the first to promote DC power products. Tech wants to "open low and walk high"

if someone said that Google would launch its own brand products a year ago, I believe most people would scoff. On january7,2010, Google's first product, Nexus One, was officially launched. Why should google go beyond Android partners to launch its own? Covet the huge business opportunities in the smart market? The view of a senior industry analyst shows a deeper reason: Google's move is to show the potential of Android and promote partners to adopt the technology. The Android operating system and the huge mobile search opportunities behind it are its biggest motivation

interestingly, a similar product expansion play has also been staged in the electronic testing and Measurement Market: on January 10, 2010, tycoon of the measurement industry launched the world's first DC power product (pws2000-sc simplified Chinese Series) in China for the first time. Perhaps this report, which was published in the press, did not attract much attention. After all, the DC power market has always been too quiet for the electronic testing and measurement industry. However, as one of the world's leading enterprises in the electronic testing and measurement industry for decades, why is Tektronix willing to enter this unnecessary field that does not seem to reflect its technological innovation

looking at the current situation of the test and measurement equipment market in China and even the world, it seems that we can make some interpretation of the behavior of Tektronix: Taking Tektronix's oscilloscope, which has a leading edge in the global general test product market, as an example, the international manufacturers behind us, such as Agilent, are aggressive, and the local rising stars represented by Puyuan Jingdian and Jiangsu Lvyang, are constantly encroaching on the low-end market; As far as China's DC power market is concerned, Agilent focuses on the medium and high-end market, while other major suppliers such as Taiwan Guwei and Beijing Dahua mainly compete for medium and low-end customers in products of the same level. It seems that Tektronix's original intention of first promoting DC power supply is to expand its product line for the medium and high-end market to cope with the pressure of market competition. Is that true? Whether there is a deep strategic consideration behind the expansion of the product line of Tektronix

play a combination card, and the DC power supply makes up for the overall supporting capacity

the first DC power supply pws2000-sc of tektix

is just like asserting from Nexus One that Google wants to take a share of the smart market. It is inevitable to see trees rather than forests simply from the analysis of the idea of market expansion. Let's first take a look at the specific situation of this new tech product pws2000-sc series

● the four models can provide 10mA and 10 MV programming resolution

● 0.05% voltage accuracy and a variety of voltage (up to 72V) and current (up to 6a) settings, which can meet most of the target application needs of DC power supply

tech has also made a full article on the operation interface, price and warranty terms:

● easy to use maximum experimental force: 50kN; Weight: 300kg surface and operation mode

● vacuum fluorescent display, large font, clear visual effect

● price advantage of 10%~15% lower than the main competitive products

● warranty clause of standard three-year warranty (one year for mainstream competitive products)

we all know that for some current and future product designs, the role of DC power supply in product testing is not insignificant. Especially for the complicated embedded system design such as semiconductor chip design, power module design and manufacturing, high-precision DC power supply is a necessary supporting basic test equipment. Taking the design verification of battery powered digital products as an example, if the dynamic information of the current flowing to the tested products can be captured, the designers can better understand the battery consumption of the tested products, so as to optimize the power management of the tested products during normal operation and standby. At present, there are a large number of DC power supplies available in the market, and the prices are uneven. Although the low-cost power supply is cheap, its accuracy is generally poor, which can not meet the needs of some complex design work mentioned above. This high-precision power supply of Tektronix just makes up for this. At the same time, it also plays the price card and gives a three-year warranty. It is very cost-effective in the same products

secondly, for designers who originally used the basic test equipment of Tektronix, the convenience of combined use, interconnection and intelligent testing of various test equipment that tektix has frequently emphasized in the publicity of these basic series products (including the recently launched multimeter) is undoubtedly attractive. Two basic desktop products have been launched in a short period of three months. Tektronix aims to continuously enrich basic desktop test products and strengthen the supporting capacity of complete test and measurement solutions

product strategy with more emphasis on intelligent testing in complete support

in fact, the complete solution and one-stop concept familiar to electronic product design engineers are also becoming the trend of the electronic testing and measurement industry. As the design of electronic products becomes more and more complex and the tolerance is lower and lower, engineers need to accurately measure, debug and verify the circuit with very high precision in a variety of signal types and parameters. If there is a complete set of tools including DC power supply, oscillograph, signal generator, digital multimeter and other instruments, and these instruments can be connected and combined to realize associated measurement and data recording, and provide extended debugging function, it will undoubtedly have stronger competitiveness

in the dmm4000 digital multimeter series newly launched not long ago, Tektronix has integrated the LabVIEW signalexpress interactive instrument software of National Instruments Corporation (Ni), which enables customers to connect and control multiple Tektronix desktop instruments through signalexpress using USB or other communication buses, and is well combined with Tektronix oscilloscope, logic analyzer and AFG3000 function generator to quickly collect, analyze and display data from multiple instruments. With the help of general software interface, users can automatically measure, record data in a longer time period, realize time correlation for data from multiple instruments, capture and analyze measurement results, and export measurement and data recording results to excel. Through the LabVIEW graphic development environment, users can further optimize the system, make further analysis when verifying the circuit design, and improve the degree of measurement automation

this idea of using software to realize intelligent measurement is not the first time in tech. This technology trend can be seen by simply analyzing the product characteristics of Tektronix in recent years. In the high-speed serial data test, tekexpress software automation architecture provides automated one touch test for the high-speed serial data standard. Based on national instruments TestStand, tekexpress can efficiently perform the required automated tests for standards such as SATA Rev 3.0, USB 3.0, hdmi1.4, display port and 10GBASE-T Ethernet

interconnection can be realized through a LabVIEW signalexpress and tekexpress software tool, and instrument control, self predictable dynamic measurement, data recording and comprehensive analysis of relevant signals can be carried out. This is undoubtedly of great significance to many engineers who are suffering from the difficulties of various signal types and highly complex design and commissioning. In the LXI, USB and GPIB instrument products of Agilent, another testing and measurement giant, Ni's LabVIEW plug and play device driver is also widely used, and Tektronix takes the application of this technology as a part of its intelligent debugging strategy. There is no doubt that Tektronix will provide similar intelligent testing technology in more new products. To give full play to the advantages of this feature, a complete solution based on seamless integration must be provided. Providing complete, comprehensive and high-performance test and measurement equipment supporting capabilities has become a key. This may be the real intention behind Tektronix's first entry into the DC power supply equipment market in more than 60 years since its establishment

the combination of complete sets of equipment and advanced software platforms has effectively improved testing efficiency

consideration of localization strategy behind the continuous innovation

engineers who pay a little attention to the electronic testing and measurement industry may notice that in the past year, despite the continued impact of the economic crisis, the Chinese market is still bustling: Agilent technology has established a manufacturing plant in Chengdu The joint test equipment retail stores of Tektronix and fluke have successively tested the water, Ricoh and ZTE have announced the establishment of joint laboratories, and various special test and measurement seminars have gradually appeared. Behind these actions are the signals of companies to strengthen their efforts in the Chinese market. It is also a bold innovation that Tektronix and fluke jointly test the retail physical store model, which is also one of the masterpieces in the marketing model cooperation between the two brother companies belonging to Danaher group. According to relevant sources, Tektronix will promote the marketing and service model of retail physical stores in a larger scale in other cities and regions in China in the future

from the innovative products and services launched by Tektronix in recent years, we can clearly understand the information of Tektronix's intensive cultivation of the Chinese market. In addition to the launch of the first DC power supply designed for Chinese engineers, a number of test and measurement products developed for China have been launched in the past year (other products include 1741C waveform monitor specially designed for the unique application needs of the Chinese market, tds1000b-sc series Chinese digital real-time oscilloscope specially designed for Chinese colleges and universities, etc.), and it has announced the establishment of the first in Chinese Mainland The fourth test and measurement program center in the world and other innovative technologies, products optimized for the local market and market strategies closer to local users will undoubtedly benefit China's test and measurement engineers


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