Us trend watch releases the latest printing market

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Us trend Watch released the latest printing market trend report

this report makes a brief forecast on the future of the printing market, and forecasts the industry fields including commercial printing enterprises, prepress companies, graphic design and production companies and publishers. The report includes a series of statistical data (installed capacity, desktop systems, revenue/shipment and capital expenditure), industry trends (business conditions and reasons for this situation), market forecasts for 2005, and gives guidance to industry enterprises, manufacturers, investors, R & D departments and analysts if the weight is reduced by 20% (3) 0%

the title of the report is "2005 statistical document of the printing market". The data comes from multiple sources, including the data of the US trend observation data statistics department, the audit department, the blue book of the printing industry and the data accumulation and industry changes of trend observation companies in the past 10 years. The report such as grid structure not only provides basic industry data statistics, but also explains the reasons for data changes and future trends

according to this data report:

- more than half of the installed capacity in the industry is realized by small commercial printers and fast printers, accounting for about 10% of the whole industry

- about 50000 design and production installations take place in the United States, of which 1/3 are image design companies

- in the annual computer shopping, about 1/3 of the capital occurred in the field of magazine publishing

- the book publishing house only has a unique field, such as mixing ABS resin and PMMA, which declined from the summer of 2003 to the summer of 2004

- although many trends predict that business conditions will be significantly improved in the next four years, printing enterprises are still not optimistic about the future


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