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No matter what style, size, hardware accessories of the cabinet can be developed according to the needs of consumers. In the face of so many cabinet products in the market, consumers should choose the cabinet style suitable for themselves according to the size of the kitchen space when purchasing cabinets. The following editor will introduce the cabinet styles and the traps of cabinet purchase

what are the styles of cabinets

1. I-shaped cabinets

generally choose I-shaped cabinets, which means that the kitchen area is limited and there is a lack of corners. Although I-shaped cabinets do not have an open space, they need to be carefully arranged in terms of storage

2. L-shaped cabinet

although L-shaped has only one corner, you can use this corner to add a lot of fun to kitchen life and realize many functions

3. U-shaped cabinet

u-shaped cabinet is common in foreign countries, because U-shaped cabinet requires a large kitchen area and an active area

4. Island cabinets

Island cabinets are mainly used in villas, and island platforms can be used as cooking areas, so the space arrangement of villas' kitchens is more appropriate

cabinet purchase trap

1. The charge is opaque

can be calculated by unit, so that consumers are relatively clear about the price of each unit cabinet and even other parts, but there is no corresponding charging standard, and the quotation of linear meter is almost transparent. Within 1 linear meter, there can be two cabinets or only one cabinet, and the price of the cabinet is different with different materials and processes

2. The quotation fluctuates greatly

the floating price of linear rice is relatively large, and the materials of each production cabinet are different, so each cabinet has a corresponding price, and there is no charging standard, resulting in a relatively large floating space for cabinet quotation

3. Consumption bottomless hole

the quotation of linear meters of cabinets is only the simplest calculation. If consumers increase drawer cabinets, small hanging cabinets and glass cabinets according to their actual situation, they need to pay separately

editor's summary: here are the cabinet styles and the traps of cabinet purchase, hoping to help you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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