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Zhuoyi's new 6-ton transporter is striving to be the market leader in the segment market. Zhuoyi's new 6-ton transporter is striving to be the market leader in the segment market. China's construction machinery information has introduced new products on behalf of the market and led the trend for hundreds of years. The first lesson of the market economy is to learn to "give up". The scientific basis of the segment market is to decide what to give up and what to keep. In the buyer's market environment, it is impossible for enterprises to provide the market with products and services that can meet all needs, which means that Zhuoyi will inevitably promote product diversification, concentrate resources, formulate effective competitive strategies, enhance product competitive advantages, and strive to make more customers buy satisfactory products. The output of Zhuoyi 6-ton electric transporter has filled the gap in the large tonnage electric storage transporter market, thus accelerating the pace of Zhuoyi's market segmentation

as soon as we received the customer's information, our sales engineers rushed to the site to check the working conditions, understand the customer's needs, and solve the long-term material handling problems for them. Due to the large tonnage of the goods, the customer has consulted many companies before and has not received a full reply, which has led to a rare stable situation in Turkish politics. After having an exchange with customers, Zhuoyi salesperson immediately said that he could produce a large tonnage truck to solve the current problems. Then, the design team of Zhuoyi went to the customer's site in person to dispel the customer's doubts with careful explanation of professional knowledge

When designing a large tonnage truck, the design team always takes customer requirements as the first element and integrates customer experience and safety protection. Zhuoyi's new 6-ton battery carrier adopts EPS electronic power steering system imported from the United States, which is light, low-noise and labor-saving. Even female workers can operate it. In terms of safety protection: the floating mechanism in the middle of the driving unit ensures that the vehicle has reliable stability in the field of materials, and does not run smoothly when encountering obstacles. 5. For the test pieces with complex shapes, the cushion blocks with corresponding shapes shall be used to overturn; The emergency reverse button on the handle can effectively prevent the operator from being injured; In case of danger during driving, press the emergency power off button to cut off the power supply of the whole vehicle; In the process of fast and large angle turning, the turning speed limit avoids the accident that the operator is thrown out due to inertia. The vehicle uses the electric control imported from the United States with various protection functions such as overvoltage, low voltage, overcurrent, high temperature and short circuit. All the design details show Zhuoyi's sincerity

as the leader of China's electric storage forklift, Zhuoyi electric forklift will continue to take the needs of consumers as the foundation for the survival and development of the enterprise, adapt to the changes in market demand, and focus on developing market segments. Strive to improve the adaptability and competitiveness of the enterprise, constantly innovate, help the development of the storage forklift industry, strive to provide complete logistics solutions for consumers, and aspire to become a leader in the segment market of China's electric storage forklift

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