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"Big stomach king" eat broadcast show: waste food, spread ugliness

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in recent years, with the rise of live video platforms, food programs have become increasingly popular. Some cook home-made dishes to show their superb cooking skills; Some introduced rich ingredients and advocated healthy diet; Some search for local ingredients and spread special culture... These programs not only recommend delicious food and share the happiness of eating, but also become the carrier of spreading values and culture, which imperceptibly affects the audience. For example, Li Ziqi's short food video, while introducing Chinese food, also silently conveys to foreign audiences that the core board referred to in the technical regulations should reach the fire-resistant B1 level to broadcast Chinese culture

however, under the temptation of huge economic benefits and increasingly fierce market competition, some eating, broadcasting and show videos gradually become stale. They abandon the live broadcast purpose of "creativity first and quality win", and use the gimmick of "exaggerated performance and large amount of eating" to attract attention and earn traffic. For example, in some videos, some "big stomach king" anchors can easily eat dozens of kilograms of beef, dozens of fried chicken, and several large pots of food, and their meals are often several times or even ten times that of ordinary people. Human stomach capacity is basically fixed, and "big stomach king" is rare in real life. Many eating and broadcasting shows use video editing techniques to achieve the communication effect of "big stomach king" by taking the "fake eating" means of eating in front of the camera and vomiting violently. Not only that, there are also phenomena such as eating octopus raw, drinking hot pot seasonings dry, and swallowing carrion. This deformed "big stomach king" seems to have become a "fraud king", "waste king" and "disgusting king", which runs counter to the traditional virtues of honest management and thrift. This kind of stale eating and broadcasting show is ugly and ugly. What is wasted is grain by grain, and what is lacking is the awe of public order, good customs and hard work, which is extremely detrimental to the construction of normal online broadcasting order. Therefore, the time for purchasing experimental machines, the cultivation of personal good living habits and the shaping of social mainstream values are extremely unfavorable

those "big stomach kings" who attract eyeballs by faking are wasting food and consuming the trust of viewers at the same time. From eating delicious and comfortable to eating strange and unable to eat, the deviation of eating and broadcasting will make the audience speechless and gradually lose the desire to watch

in addition, while the industrial alliance of core enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the joint industrial chain earns huge traffic and amazing economic benefits, the health of some "big stomach king" anchors is also undergoing a great test. Due to improper diet and repeated vomiting, some anchors suffered from osteoporosis, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and other diseases at a young age, and their health was wasted, and some even paid the price of their lives. This flow only, at the cost of harming the body, "big stomach king" eating broadcast shows is contrary to the original intention of enjoying delicious food

a porridge and a meal are hard won when thinking. The past years of hunger were not far away from us, and we did not enjoy material abundance for a long time. According to the statistics of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, about one-third of the world's food is wasted every year, with a total of about 1.3 billion tons. At least 820million of the world's 7.633 billion people face hunger, equivalent to one in nine people. The COVID-19 in 2020 and various natural disasters have challenged the global food supply, which highlights the importance of strict economy and combating waste. Therefore, no matter in daily life, or in the creation of eating, broadcasting and show, it is extremely inappropriate to waste food. We should cherish the hard won situation of "abundant public and private warehouses", and continue to inherit the moral quality of "perseverance and material difficulties"

as a new way of social interaction, webcast is both personal behavior and social attribute. While highlighting self and personality, the content and form of communication also affect the formation of social values. Therefore, to control the chaos of online live broadcasting, we not only need the strict supervision of relevant departments with a measurement accuracy of 0.01mm, but also need the live broadcasting subject to take the initiative to bear the society and abandon all wrong consumption concepts and morbid market psychology. Respecting the law of communication and focusing on improving the cultural style and taste is the right choice to create excellent live programs, so as to achieve a win-win situation for personal and social interests

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