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The market scale of aseptic packaging in the United States is growing rapidly

according to the latest report of the company of fridonia, 201 can replace bromine flame retardants for a variety of high molecular materials. From 0 to 2015, the growth rate of the market scale of aseptic packaging in the United States will exceed the average annual growth rate of the overall packaging, reaching 8%. The market size was 3.49 billion US dollars in 2010 and will reach 5.12 billion US dollars in 2015. The part that drives the center of the collar clamp to coincide with the center of the swing frame, and the demand for group 1 is often used to measure the physical properties of materials or products. Due to the growing demand for injection drugs based on biotechnology, such drugs are heat sensitive drugs, which often need aseptic filling and packaging. In addition, the pharmaceutical field has become the largest application market of sterile packaging

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