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Sterile blister packaging customization

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core tip: people have used it in daily life, such as correction tapes, batteries, toothbrushes and other supplies, which are packed with suction cards. The so-called card sucking packaging is to use customized blister shell and coated with blister

the so-called card sucking packaging is to press the customized blister shell and the paper card coated with blister oil. At the same time, the export proportion of emerging countries will be greatly increased by using electric heating or high-frequency wave. Heat the blister shell and the paper card, and the softened blister shell will be firmly bonded with the melted blister oil. After cooling, the blister shell, blister oil and paper card will form a whole, Complete the blister packaging process. During blister heat sealing, the blister oil will produce bonding effect under heating, and firmly bond the paper card with the bubble shell

using professional vocabulary may be a little difficult to understand. In short, it is to glue the blister shell and the paper card, and the product is encapsulated in the blister shell and the paper card, so that the blister packaging plays a role of sealing, fixing and supporting the product to ensure the safety of the product during storage and transportation

card suction packaging is a customized and produced product type of Suzhou chuangjie packaging. It is safe to give it to chuangjie packaging

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