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Xinshida step is a leading frequency conversion expert in the lifting machinery industry. From June 25 to 27, 2013, the Sixth China International lifting machinery and accessories exhibition (hmfec-expo) was held in the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall. As a leading enterprise in domestic control and drive products, Shanghai singelina xinshida Motor Co., Ltd. has become the biggest highlight of this exhibition. The open and eye-catching booth has attracted the attention of many users in the lifting machinery industry, This also indicates that whether the products of xinshida inverter can meet the new national standard at the port needs to be re inspected and confirmed; The application of heavy industry is more and more extensive

the localization of lifting frequency conversion has become a trend, and the system solution has also been applied from the original simple transformation of frequency converter to the integrated control system of lifting frequency conversion. Xinshida has improved the research and development of lifting frequency converter and the system process close to the lifting machinery itself, which is tailored for the industry. At the hmfec-expo of lifting the force measuring piston, xinshida as700 series cabinet type frequency converter and as510 series AFE

as700 series cabinet type frequency converter is safe, stable, and happy.

as700 series cabinet type frequency converter is a common DC multi drive frequency converter specially designed and developed for industrial applications. It is mainly used in the lifting industry, such as large gantry crane, gantry crane, shore bridge, bulk cargo crane, etc. In addition, it is also used in papermaking, metallurgy, mining, cement, energy, petrochemical and natural gas industries

as510 series AFE rectification feedback sheet, but if it is used too frequently, meta feedback electric energy and renewable energy

as510 series AFE products adopt advanced controllable rectification technology, cooperate with LCL filter to realize active rectification, and provide constant DC power supply and energy feedback for the system. One or more inverter units can be operated on the DC bus to form a four quadrant multi drive system, which provides an ideal solution for motor control applications in various occasions

with the rapid development of China's economy and the increasingly prominent problem of energy shortage, xinshida frequency conversion technology is also developing, and the performance of frequency converter is improving day by day. The characteristics of frequency conversion and speed regulation are hard mechanical characteristics, large speed regulation range, high speed regulation accuracy, good stability, easy control and energy saving, which can well meet the requirements of safe, stable, reliable, good and reliable operation of lifting equipment Maintenance free and other requirements, frequency conversion speed regulation will become a preferred speed regulation scheme for lifting machinery, and the market scale of frequency converter in the lifting machinery industry will continue to expand

xinshida will always adhere to the enterprise spirit of facing the world, pursuing the best and always striving for the first, and strive to provide customers with the best control, drive and skill products. It is expected that xinshida inverter will make a breakthrough and be widely used in the lifting machinery industry

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