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The stock market strongly drove industrial products, Japanese rubber technology rose, Shanghai Rubber

Thai Natural Rubber fell within the day, as the end of winter in the main producing country is approaching, the listing of new rubber is expected to put pressure on the market. The cool weather in the supermarket in the rubber planting area of Tainan also accelerates the rubber harvest. The Japanese rubber strengthened, as it touched the lower edge of the oscillation rising channel, gaining technical support. In terms of positions, Mitsubishi and okadi increased their long positions respectively. Intra day transactions increased compared with yesterday. On the domestic side, a small number of spot transactions were finally concluded today, with the price around 22400 yuan. As we are ready to add input, the delivery price has significantly increased compared with the previous period. The number of daily orders also reached 550 tons, an increase over the previous period. The contract in recent months has remained around 22290 yuan. There is limited room for further growth in the future. Although many analysts are optimistic about the anti seasonal market at present, most of the reasons are inventory reduction, high oil prices, no significant increase in peak season supply, the listing of new rubber but delayed compared with the Internet industry, etc., but from the perspective of market trading sentiment, the strength of metal within the day has brought rubber bullish people

technically, the intraday period price increased positions by 6156 hands, exceeding 100000 hands for the first time recently. The turnover reached 140000, slightly lower than yesterday. The futures price oscillated and rose during the day, and the trend followed the strong oscillation and rise of copper and zinc metals. Combined with the K-line combination of several days, the bottom of MACD index is bonded, and the short-term may turn red. The decline of the short-term average was postponed, and the oscillation index showed signs of repairing to the middle. With the overall rise of the stock market in the day, the futures market showed signs of improvement. There is a strong bullish desire on the disk, but the strength is insufficient for several consecutive days. There may be a rebound in the short term, but the upward pressure is heavy. However, the medium-term short thinking remains unchanged

you can pay attention to structural opportunities in internal and external markets, futures and spot goods, and between months

in terms of operation, empty orders continue to be held. After the rebound, sell short at high prices

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