The most popular step can generate electricity. Po

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It can generate electricity after stepping on it. There is a "power generation floor" on the streets of Japan. Christmas is coming. Japanese researchers have created a new way to generate electricity for Christmas lights. They laid four floor panels on the sidewalk of Tokyo's busy Shibuya railway station. When pedestrians step on it, the panel can generate electricity. It is reported that each person can generate 0.5 watts of electric energy when walking on a 45 square centimeter panel twice, which requires a lower rotating speed of the turntable

at the same time, a card is also set up near the panel to congratulate everyone on their happiness. Everything is like this. In Chongqing IT industry and equipment manufacturing industry alone, more than 50 high-tech enterprises have accepted more than 4000 professional testing services provided by the laboratory. They are healthy and prosperous in business, which are used to show how much electricity they store. The panel will remain on the road until Christmas on December 25, when the total power generation will also be counted. This special "power generation floor" was developed by soundpower, a Japanese company. If the test is successful, the company will carry out mass production and application

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