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"Step by step" Han's laser robot business is profitable.

Han's laser has always focused on the application of laser technology. With the technological progress and market demand growth, the company has a deep technical accumulation and application in the field of automated robots, and develops the robot business through two platforms. At the same time, it plans to actively expand on the basis of its original business and equipment

Du Yonggang said that in order to strengthen the development of automation robot field, the company will make new expansion based on its original business and equipment. It is reported that after the suspension of mergers and acquisitions last year, the company still plans to strengthen its robot business through extensive expansion

Han's laser robot business planning process

in recent years, laser technology has developed rapidly, and a polypropylene pipe system for optical fiber cold and hot water that can be flexibly coupled with robots has emerged. In order to promote the green development of the automotive industry, gb/t1 8742.1, 2, 3 ⑵ 002 transmission high-power industrial lasers. The continuous progress in intelligence, automation and information technology in the field of advanced manufacturing has promoted the combination of robot technology and laser technology, forming the development of laser automated robots. Han laser has been planning the layout of robot business for a long time. In fact, the division of labor between them is clear. The layout of robot business of Han laser has already begun. Han's laser said in its 2013 annual report that in 2014, the company will actively expand new products and businesses, mainly including vigorously developing automation business and doing a good job in laser 3D printing business planning

on November 5, 2014, Han's laser signed a cooperation agreement on the establishment of a Han's robot industry fund with first venture capital management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as first venture). According to the cooperation agreement, the company and the first venture company plan to establish a fund management company with a registered capital of 10million yuan, of which the company contributes 4.9 million yuan in currency, accounting for 49% of the equity of the fund management company, and the first venture company contributes 5.1 million yuan in currency, accounting for 51% of the equity of the fund management company. The fund management company initiated the establishment of Yichuang Han's robot industry fund, with a fund scale of 500million yuan, of which the company subscribed 20% of the fund, that is, 100million yuan, the fund management company subscribed 2% of the fund, that is, 10million yuan, and the rest of the fund shares were coordinated and financed by the first venture company. The fund is dedicated to investment in robot projects

on February 1st, 2015, Han laser announced that the company and Guoxin Hongsheng established Guoxin Han robot industry fund with a scale of 1billion yuan, of which the company subscribed 20% of the fund, i.e. 200million yuan, the fund management company subscribed 1% of the fund, i.e. 10million yuan, and the rest were coordinated and arranged by Guoxin Hongsheng

the robot business has achieved a sales revenue of up to 1billion

on April 10, at the industry 4.0 attack robot industry welcome key year forum of the industry Frontier (Shenzhen) round table forum hosted by Shanghai Securities News and China Securities, Du Yonggang, Secretary of Han's laser, said that at present, there are mainly two platforms in Han's laser robot field. From the perspective of last year's revenue, the overall sales revenue of the two platforms last year was billion yuan

Du Yonggang introduced that the Han's laser robot industry currently has two major platforms, namely, the final equipment division of sheet metal and Han's motor. Among them, the sheet metal equipment division, which used to do laser cutting equipment, should have a sales revenue of about 1billion last year. The second platform is Han electric, which provided Foxconn and apple with automation supporting equipment with a revenue of about 300 million to 400 million last year. It is mainly used for some precision detection, precision robots, mainly used in the electronics industry. Last year, the sales revenue of this platform was about 300 million to 400 million

Du Yonggang also said that Han's laser has the dual advantages of scale and platform in the development of robot business

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