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Three tree paint CCTV (generally 300KN hydraulic universal testing machine and 600kN hydraulic universal testing machine should be selected according to different materials) ranks first in the coating industry

three tree paint CCTV's bid winning advertisement ranks first in the coating industry

May 20, 2010

[information on components of hydraulic universal material testing machine explained by China paint] According to the data report of CTR market research, a monitoring agency made of high-strength corrosion-resistant alloy steel, an authority of CCTV, on May 17: from January 1 to May 8, the bid winning advertisement of sankeshu paint CCTV ranked first in the coating industry, accounting for the top spot of CCTV-1 advertisement with 30.17 million yuan, and its advertising expenses were about the sum of the advertising expenses of the second, third and fourth brands. In the list of single advertising expenses (coating) of CCTV all channel, sankeshu paint ranks first in the coating industry with 93400 yuan each time, followed by 37700 yuan, 36100 yuan and 32100 yuan from the second to the fourth list respectively

sankeshu paint, which enjoys the title of "the first standard of building materials in China", takes "creating a healthy life" as its own responsibility. Over the past few years, while raiding cities and towns across the country, it has introduced a series of unique health products to the market, such as fresh breathing wall paint to purify the air, formaldehyde clearing full effect wall paint to remove formaldehyde, wedding paint for two generations of healthy people, Jingwei 360 to upgrade the purification technology, ultra-low odor Qingwei wood paint Vegetable clear flavor paint using vegetable oleoresin is deeply loved by consumers all over the country. "Three trees, live right away" has become a mantra in many places

in the low-carbon era, move forward with a high profile. The rapid development trend of "doubling sales for seven consecutive years" of sankeshu, combined with the strong CCTV advertising brand communication offensive, will bring healthier products to the vast number of consumers who desire to have a healthy living space, and will also lead the whole coating industry to blow a new round of health whirlwind

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