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LV Lizhe: 3D printing is more than printing. Maybe 3D printer should be translated into a three-dimensional printing machine, because the electrode tension testing machine is mainly suitable for testing the tensile strength and yield strength of electrodes under rated experimental force and dead load and tension. Its principle is similar to that of our usual printing documents on white paper, such as collision, but it can be stacked layer by layer to become a three-dimensional result, not a sheet of paper, Instead, plastic or metal materials are used

the three-dimensional printing machine using metal materials works like this. First, a layer of tiny metal particles with a diameter of 20 ~ 50 microns is evenly laid on a platform, and the metal particles are welded together at the required position by using high-energy laser according to the 3D model data depicting the Paris tower. The first layer is welded, and then a layer of metal particles are laid, and then welded according to the data. The welded metal layer by layer overlaps the shape of the Paris tower, Both the outer wall and the seats in the tower can be completed together, like building a house with brick and cement, but the material is replaced by fine metal particles

if the material is replaced by plastic particles, the method of laser welding is not used. Instead, a nozzle similar to an inkjet printer is used to spray glue to connect the particles at the position to be fixed with glue. The nozzle is thin enough, and the glue that dries instantly is as feasible as the function of laser welding. It is as feasible as sticking a Oriental Pearl TV Tower tower layer by layer. If the glue has different colors, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower model can have colors. If you want to use CMYK four-color glue to mix the colorful printing effect, it seems that you can't do it

as long as you have 3D data, you can print your favorite 3D prototype at home in a few hours. If your 3D printing machine is too small, you can find services from companies like materialise, who can help you print models of various 3D materials with the size of 21 meters x6.8 meters and 8 meters below

a team of engineers in Belgium used a 3D printer to print a single seat formula sports car areion. After testing, the speed can reach 140 kilometers per hour. The stainless steel body was helped by materialise, and other parts including engine, cylinder and fuel nozzle were printed by 3D printer

three dimensional models of human figures have become popular in Japan recently. You can take photos from several angles in a three-dimensional photo studio. The computer helps you calculate the 3D data, and then you can print your model. The color is as bright as the clothes you wear. 2012/11//01/14 to Harajuku for only 21,00 yen, you can get a 10 cm high model exactly like you. You can also want a larger model, 15 cm high at 32000 yen; 20 cm 42000 yen

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) provides model data and required circuit kits of 3D robots that can do household chores. Print a MIT machine servant with six legs at home, so you don't have to wash clothes and boil water yourself

3d printing machine can set up a strategic advisory committee to complete major technical equipment to print kneecaps and gums, and help people who are injured by these bottlenecks and prohibit them from being widely used as functional or structural elements to retrieve the same parts as the original. Glasgow University in the UK is even more powerful. It uses 3D printing machine to print cells that will initiate chemical reactions, called reactionware, so as to develop drugs to deal with cancer

U.S. law allows private ownership of guns, but requires real name registration. An organization promotes gun freedom activities and provides 3D data of small automatic rifles on the Internet, causing anxiety among defenders and requiring legislation to restrict the printing of guns. Whether plastic or metal 3D printers are used to print guns, it may be the person who pulls the trigger, rather than the target pointed by the crosshairs, that should be careful

3d printing machine is called the spark of the third industrial revolution. Do we have to quickly find a 3D model data of our dream toy? The dream can come true

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