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Three dimensional knitting production and simulation

knitting production and simulation have particularity, because the yarn is bound together. The principle of knitting is that one coil is wound around another coil, which is different from the straight and orthogonal weaving. It locks the rib with each other in a zigzag way

for artists, rib patterns have a wide range of choices, resulting in a variety of shapes and color combinations. So far, the simulation software is still based on false three-dimensional, which limits the function of knitting graphics and symbol data, and it also causes obstacles to fancy yarn simulation because it cannot see the front and rear sizes at the same time. Therefore, sample preparation is a way to verify the artistic value of new ideas, new technologies and color matching

for textile designers who make from scratch, it is impossible to check and verify from the perspective of technology and art through the display. This restrictive factor in production has seriously restricted the development of the entire knitting industry. Yxendis revealed that the purpose of launching YX knit platinum software is to solve this problem

the software can output the picture file into a standard format,

the newly designed knitted fabrics or changes can be sent directly through the Internet.

the company said: "at present, factors such as sample preparation time, cost and machinery seriously restrict the technical production. Good technical concepts are often disappointing in the end, and the demand for sample preparation has changed. In turn, these changes must be verified for a long time."

"worse, due to the high cost of sample preparation and the high probability of failure, many design concepts with high commercial success rate have to give up before sample preparation and cannot be implemented."

using the three-dimensional simulation technology of computer display launched by the company, the production can be tested from an artistic point of view, and then quickly modified, without downtime or the purchase of any spool. Within a few seconds, the user can test the technology and color of fancy yarn, and also consider the thickness, tension, finishing effect, fiber length and other factors

joint research and development of xcp150/100 and xcp120/90 rubber melt gear pump extrusion units

sample preparation is still crucial, but it can be carried out in the later stage

textile designers and fashion designers play an important role in the miniaturization of batteries. Designers work closely together

technical production and coloring require completely different skills. Technical production focuses on technology, and coloring focuses on art. The production ability of the company depends on the close cooperation between the two parties, who use the same software to implement the same project. The software must have enough flexibility to facilitate the art team members to easily and quickly access the CAD software

through three-dimensional visualization, the two groups can cooperate closely. Specifically, they can comprehensively explore color matching, yarn selection and color matching on the same display, or change the color matching and matching of knitted fabrics through the web to meet the artistic choice


yx knit platinium software can be used for plain or fancy yarn jacquard, mosaic and structural knitted fabrics (single-sided knitted fabrics, rib knitted fabrics, double rib knitted fabrics and various structural knitted fabrics)

jacquard and mosaic knitted fabric production

this production does not require technical knowledge. First, insert the photos taken by scanning or digital camera, then reduce the number of colors, create point-to-point on the point card, or draw patterns directly on the screen; Then, select all kinds of pre recorded jacquard or inlay, yarn, thickness and tension, and simulate at the same time

knitted fabric organization production

yx knit platinum software adopts professional design, which can meet the complex requirements of textile designers and fashion designers. Structural knitted fabrics can be made in two different ways

insert the thematic patterns and/or technical symbols designed by non-technical designers: click the mouse to convert the thematic patterns and symbols into three-dimensional simulation

the steel mining plant basically completed the traditional knitting technology at the beginning of the week: knitting, pulling, welting, gathering circles, transforming and making various stocks. Which is the better one? Many buyers are asking this question. Plaiting patterns can be simulated at the same time and verified from the perspective of technology and art. Due to the ability of rotation and amplification, both sides of the knitted fabric can pass the technical and artistic verification at the same time

the strength tester is first analyzed by the fashion designer and then by the technical designer in order to take into account the production constraints or technical improvements; Then, the fashion designer conducts yarn and color experiments. In both modes, knitted fabrics can be observed from all angles

this software can output picture files into standard format, and the newly designed knitted fabrics or changes can be directly sent to partners or customers through the Internet

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