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The "three complete strategies" set sail for Liugong again

for Liugong, who has gone through 60 years and is striving to move forward towards the next Jiazi, the definition of "pioneer" has become less comprehensive, more like a spiritual totem, which is the concentration of Liugong's 60 years of passionate entrepreneurship, hard work spirit and culture

the "leader" of China's construction machinery, technology and quality is only the tip of the iceberg of total investment: the "cultivator" of the past 10 years, and the "dreamer" of world-class construction machinery There are not many words that can comprehensively and profoundly describe Liu Gong's industry status and corporate image, and Liu Gong doesn't care whether the rhetoric is gorgeous or not

for this enterprise with a revenue scale of more than 20billion yuan, the picture of a century old foundation is slowly unfolding. It is a leap with all your strength, or a down-to-earth promotion of change and innovation. Which strategy to choose will be a crucial choice

on the new journey of sailing, Liugong has made a plan for the opening layout: "comprehensive internationalization, comprehensive solutions, and comprehensive intelligence" are the three strategies to lead the innovation and reform, which constitute the main theme of future development. Liugong is looking forward to becoming the world's leading construction machinery manufacturer at a more steady pace

full internationalization

the core of Liugong's transformation and upgrading strategy

on November 27, 2018, on the occasion of Liugong's 60th anniversary celebration, the 2018 Liugong global dealers' annual meeting with the theme of "innovation and change - the way to future development" was held in Liugong, and Liugong loaders ushered in a global production breakthrough of 400000 units

as China's first overseas national construction machinery brand, Liugong's internationalization road bears an arduous historical mission and. From the loader manufacturer in Guangxi to the world's leading manufacturer of construction machinery for a full range of extreme working conditions, Liugong's pace of internationalization began in 2003

in 2003, Zeng Guangan, the then president, led a delegation to Morocco in North Africa, which really opened the door to Liugong's internationalization. In the distant Casablanca, Liugong established the first agent in the real sense of the foreign market and began the real international business of Liugong

since then, Liugong people have traveled all over the world, from the Amazon River to the oil and gas fields in North America, from the hinterland of the Sahara desert in Africa to the forests in northern Europe, from the desert in the Middle East to the wilderness in Siberia, and from the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun, Liugong machines and pioneers can be seen everywhere

now, Liugong is also everywhere in the world: in 2004, Liugong established its first foreign branch in Australia; In 2008, Liugong established branches in North America and Latin America; In 2009, Liugong India factory was completed and wheel loaders began to be put into operation; In 2010, Liugong set up branches in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and South Africa respectively; In 2012, Liugong completed the acquisition of the civil engineering machinery business unit of HSW (Huta stallowa Wola), a major bulldozer manufacturer in Poland, and its wholly-owned subsidiary dressta; In 2014, Liugong established subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Russia; In 2015, Liugong Brazil factory opened; In 2017, Liugong's European regional headquarters and RUISTA's new European production line were completed... In addition, the acquisition of a number of domestic enterprises and the cooperation with leading international parts and components enterprises have made Liugong one of the few full line construction equipment manufacturers in the world, and has the core technology of key parts and components of engineering machinery

in the process of Liugong's international development, Liugong's strategic layout and attention to R & D technology are also indispensable. In 2012, Liugong cooperated with Cummins, a strategic partner with international competitiveness, forming Liugong's unique competitive advantage in the industry. In June, 2015, Liugong global R & D center was officially completed. And the only national earthwork Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center in China authorized by the Ministry of science and technology settled in Liugong. The high standard global R & D center provides Liugong's global R & D personnel with world-class R & D hardware, first-class test platform and innovative working environment. At the same time, Liugong also condensed the world's scientific research essence, vigorously introduced foreign technical experts around the world, and created the Liugong scientist system for the first time in the industry. At present, Liugong has more than 1000 R & D personnel worldwide, of which foreign R & D personnel account for 20%. At the same time, Liugong has established research institutes in many countries and regions around the world, which has laid a strong foundation for Liugong to become an international enterprise

as of 2017, Liugong's overseas business has accounted for more than 30% of the company's total revenue. The export volume of Liugong wheel loaders, excavators, graders and rollers still ranks in the forefront of the industry, while skid steer loaders and backhoe loaders rank first. This achievement can not be achieved without the support of strong foreign dealers and after-sales service system established by Liugong. After acquiring RUISTA in 2012, Liugong gained its global marketing network, covering more than 100 countries and regions. At the same time, the increasing brand influence has helped Liugong's equipment participate in all parts of the world

"making Liugong's products recognized by European and American and other international high-end markets will be the direction of our future efforts!" In the minds of senior decision makers of Liugong, the next five to ten years are the critical period for Liugong to become a century old enterprise. During this period, Liugong must complete the comprehensive strategic transformation and upgrading and break through the bottleneck of development. Comprehensive internationalization is the core of Liugong's transformation and upgrading strategy

comprehensive solutions

inject strong impetus into the high-quality development of customers

also in Liuzhou, also on the occasion of the 60th anniversary celebration, Liugong, a manufacturer of a full range of construction machinery and equipment, grandly released six new products: the world's first intelligent shovel loader 886h, 990f excavator, b170dl bulldozer, tc800c5 truck crane, 4180d grader and s935 sugarcane harvester. This is another progress of Liugong products towards large-scale, intelligent and comprehensive solutions

from the frozen Antarctic tundra to the sand and gravel ravaged African desert and even the harsher environment, Liugong is one of the few manufacturers in the world that can provide a full range of engineering machinery and equipment and comprehensive solutions for the industry. Wheel loaders, excavators, forklifts, bulldozers, pipe hoists, graders, rollers, pavers, milling machines, slip loaders, excavation loaders, aerial work platforms, truck cranes, truck mounted cranes, mining trucks, rotary drilling rigs, hydraulic continuous wall grab, continuous wall drilling rigs and double wheel milling/mixing equipment. Liugong's 19 product lines cover almost all fields of construction machinery, and users only need to cooperate with Liugong, It can meet all its needs for a full range of products

in 2008, Liugong Zhongheng leasing settled in Beijing and became a leading enterprise in leasing for Chinese manufacturers. In the same year, Liugong acquired Bengbu crane business; In 2010, Liuzhou ouvim, the world's leading prestressed technology company, joined Liugong, which built an excavator manufacturing base in the east of Changzhou; In 2011, Jintai, a leading brand of Chinese piling machinery, joined Liugong. In the same year, Liugong and Cummins, a global engine leader, jointly produced exclusive power for non road machines; In 2012, the new Liugong hydraulic plant was put into operation; In 2013, Liugong and Metso, the global mining equipment leader, jointly produced mobile crushing and screening equipment. At the same time, Liugong undertook the air compressor business in Liuzhou; In 2016, Liugong successfully entered modern agricultural equipment. At the same time, Luzhai casting base with the world's latest technology was put into production; In 2018, Liugong began new businesses such as intelligent manufacturing systems, mining machinery, forestry machinery, aerial work platforms, etc

from what I can provide for customers to what customers need me to provide, Liugong's strategic layout of comprehensive solutions has completed the leap from me to customers, including agriculture, demolition, forestry, general engineering, landscaping, material handling, mining, oil and gas (pipelines), ports, Quarrying and concrete, road construction, public facilities construction and infrastructure Liugong can provide comprehensive solutions for many industries

in the mining industry, Liugong has the equipment and technology required by the mining industry from loading to transportation. Not only will all data be considered comprehensively to help customers improve efficiency and reduce costs, but also equipment that has passed the test of extreme construction conditions can effectively reduce maintenance and downtime and improve return on investment

along the the Belt and Road, the comprehensive solution of Liugong equipment is involved in the construction of major projects along the line. Liugong equipment is busy in China Laos, China Thailand railway project, Pakistan PMK highway construction project, China Myanmar oil and gas pipeline laying and Turkey Istanbul transportation hub

when carrying out forestry projects, Liugong's experienced expert team, rich product lines and supporting accessories, whether in management, handling or processing, can perfectly meet the needs of forestry customers

the five business segments of Liugong construction machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, intelligent manufacturing and financial services, the innovative development and synergy are gradually emerging, which has laid a solid foundation for the vision of Liugong for a century and injected strong impetus into the high-quality development of industry customers

comprehensive intelligence

leading a new round of manufacturing revolution

as intelligent manufacturing leading a new round of manufacturing revolution, its disruptive impact has penetrated into all fields, including infrastructure construction, and has become the inevitable direction of the development of China's manufacturing industry

intelligent products and technologies, intelligent marketing and services, intelligent management, intelligent manufacturing Liu 30 low alloy high strength structural steel workers have a deeper understanding of the deep integration of interconnection, big data and artificial intelligence. Liugong's comprehensive intelligent strategy aims to build an intelligent information management system under the Internet, build and get through the integrated Internet data of customer needs, research and development, procurement, manufacturing, marketing and services, improve its automation and intelligence level, bring value to customers (efficiency, cost, accuracy, personalization), and improve Liugong's internal operation efficiency

Liugong intelligent housekeeper system can monitor the running status of equipment in real time, provide real-time positioning, real-time reservation services, provide valuable data services to customers, and is further developing intelligent products, including the application of unmanned intelligent driving, automatic obstacle avoidance, intelligent task planning and other functions

under the guidance of the comprehensive intelligent strategy of "change can be restored", more and more Liugong equipment has applied the intelligent housekeeper system independently developed by Liugong to help customers better manage equipment and production and create greater value. In 2017, Liugong's first intelligent remote control loader prototype was offline, and the construction of Liugong's first excavator prototype with slope automatic control function was completed. The excavator intelligent factory project was carried out, mobile OA was launched, and Liugong's intelligent housekeeper system was comprehensively promoted for the online application of loaders, excavators, and cranes. The number of complete machine links reached more than 70000

Liugong's latest 886h loader is equipped with an intelligent shovel loading system, which is an intelligent shovel loading remote control loader. It can automatically complete the control function with a delicate body, abandon the connection of PC, identify the bucket and insert it into the pile, automatically complete the shovel loading, and has a one key shovel loading preparation, one key unloading and intelligent throttle control system

886h loader equipped with intelligent shovel loading system makes the work so simple: the driver only needs

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